Bowling at U-Bowl 1 Utama

bowling ball by jonnykeelty

I did it! After sharing with you that I felt like bowling, I actually did it, alone, last weekend.

I parked my car at the 4th floor and walked in to the U-Bowl bowling alley to find a company event taking place.

I was so worried that they won’t open any lanes to the public.

I walked up to the counter and asked the counter staff (who I’ll refer to as Busy Suzy) if the lanes were open on that day.

“Yes, wait.”

So I waited for a while, so happy that I was gonna get some bowling done on that day.

“Berapa game?” (how many games), Busy Suzy asked.

“Tiga,” (three) I replied. I hastily added “kasut size 10” (size 10 shoes).

I paid RM20 as she activated the bowling system on her console.

I was so excited hearing the bowling pins, and smelling the oil, knowing that I was going to be bowling soon.

I selected a 14 pound ball, went to my lane and put on my bowling shoes. I keyed in my name into the system, and started bowling.


I think I set too high expectation for myself. The first game after by big ‘comeback’ and I scored an 84. I didn’t even bother jotting down my score sheet.

The lanes were so oily. Oily like they had a hokkien mee party the previous night. No matter what I tried, the ball went straight.

Ignoring the score for the first game, I started to practice those things I read in the bowling book.

For my next game, I switched to a purple grape 12 pound ball.

Now let me pause here. Using a 12 pound ball is a bit embarrassing, especially when there was a lady at the next lane using the same weight.

Immediately I could see better results because I was able to aim the ball better.


A 132 game, which I’m quite happy with, though I know there’s still a lot for me to improve.

I missed the head pin too much and wasted a couple of spares.

Third game, I was getting really tired (now you know how unfit I am). I could only muster up a 118 game.


In the 8th frame I had threw an embarrassing gutter ball that masuk longkang about half way. Really no idea what happened. Maybe I got distracted. Wasted the strike.

My body is hurting a bit. Some muscles are sore as expected, and I am still recovering.

Positive review for myself, is I practiced my approach (but not perfect yet). I managed to pickup a 7 pin spare once, and a 10 pin spare twice.

I’m looking forward to my next bowling outing.

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Photo by jonnykeelty / CC BY 2.0

6 thoughts on “Bowling at U-Bowl 1 Utama”

  1. So happy u enjoyed urself darling..wish we can join u next time when lui lui is older..

    Adino: Yes that would be great.

  2. i will teach rachel my method of bowling when she’s older..

    Adino: Ohh, what method you have?

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