Bounty Chocolate Candy Bar – My Favourite British Candy

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Last month my aunt came to visit from England and she bought a packet of my favourite chocolate candy bar, the Bounty chocolate bar.

bounty chocolate bar

I love Bounty chocolate because I like coconuts. I like coconut ice cream, coconut juice, coconut milk. Even my hair looks like coconut.

This was my last Bounty bar. I ate most of them before I remembered that I was supposed to blog about it.

This is how it looks like once you peeled off the wrapper and placed it on a nice plate. The rounded oval shape and triple three arrow design of this chocolate candy bar is actually patented.

bounty chocolate bar

This is how it looks like inside. I broke it in half rather un-professionally. See the sweet coconut filling just bursting out of the chocolate!

bounty chocolate bar

So far I’ve only had the opportunity to eat Bounty chocolate candy bars when someone buys them back from the UK or Australia. There is a dark chocolate version in a red wrapper, but I still prefer the blue milk chocolate version.

I have found some Bounty chocolates being sold in Malaysia, but the taste is different. The chocolate doesn’t taste as smooth and rich.

Rachel saw me taking photos of my last piece of Bounty chocolate and came over to see what the fuss was about.

bounty chocolate bar

She grabbed a piece from the plate and took a bite. She likes it!

rachel eating bounty

Don’t touch my chocolate daddy.

rachel eating bounty

Ok, I share share with you daddy…

rachel eating bounty

I don’t indulge too often. I’ll have a packet every couple of years and it’s really a treat.

Have you tried Bounty chocolate? What is your favourite chocolate candy bar?

5 thoughts on “Bounty Chocolate Candy Bar – My Favourite British Candy”

  1. i also want.. haha.. maybe i’ve eaten that when i was in UK.. =)

    Adino: I imagine if I lived there, I would eat one bar every day!

  2. Bounty is not my fav. My fav is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. HEAVENLY I tell ya. 🙂

    Adino: Next time got to try. Can Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups be bought locally?

  3. we have the same taste. bounty was my fave chocolate till i realised it’s far too sweet for my own good; i used to be able to handle the whole bag of bite-size bounty myself, though not in 1 sitting, but now, just a few pieces is all i can take. then there’s bounty ice cream as well.

    sometimes, when i feel like a treat, esp on 31st of the month, i’d go for baskin’s coconut ice cream. maybe once a year.

    Adino: I’ve seen Bounty ice cream but so far didn’t have a chance to try. I love Baskin’s coconut ice cream too!

  4. i have been a Bounty Hunter for months and months in Kuala Lumpur; i cannot find it anymore daaammnnnnnn….it’s my fave choc bar!!!

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