Books I’ve Read in 2011

Here?EUR(TM)s a list of books I?EUR(TM)ve read in 2011. You can visit my GoodReads profile if you want to see further details on the books.

Some of the books do not have proper covers because the images were not available on GoodReads.

goodreads 2011 books1

goodreads 2011 books2

goodreads 2011 books3

goodreads 2011 books4

A total of 66 books, which is an increase of 8 books compared to last year. I just joined the library in 2009, which explains the low number for that year.

goodreads 2011 books even has a pages statistic: 19,120 pages read.

goodreads 2011 pages

The books are in chronological order, so it’s interesting to see how I started the year with poker and baking.

Then I moved to vegetarian and environmental interests. I picked up a few biographies (which are my favourite) including Janet Jackson’s new book.

Finally I ended the year reading more about relationships and communication.

There were only a couple of books on fiction, compared to >10 in the previous year.

My favourite books were:

  1. You Don’t Need Meat by Peter Cox – opened my eyes to what I was eating and dispelled vegetarian myths.
  2. Becoming Holyfield – this biography is a great inspiration for having a positive attitude, forgiveness and good work ethic.
  3. No One would Listen – how the SEC and media ignored warnings about the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme.
  4. A Colossal Failure of Common Sense – an insider’s story about the Lehman Brothers collapse and how the 2008 global credit crunch happened.

I’m happy to report that my reading habit has influenced Rachel. She wants us to read to her all the time, and I’m teaching her to read her first words.

You would think that I would be the first to get an e-book reader, but unfortunately that would not be practical unless there is some electronic library system (or I join the dark side and read pirated books). I can’t possibly afford to buy over 60 books a year.

Who knows what books I will read next year? What books will I discover at the library in the coming days? It’s so exciting and I look forward to report my 2012 reading list.

5 thoughts on “Books I’ve Read in 2011”

  1. Ooh…I noticed the trend moving from chess to poker!:-P Getting tips to read your kid’s faces, huh? 😛

    Keep up the reading habit! That’s a pretty solid list! 😀

    Adino: Thanks!

  2. Wow, I tot you with the 3rd baby, you might not able to read that many in 2011 but you really surprised us, you read more books than 2010 :-p

    Adino: Yeah still have time to read. Time stolen from sleeping time hehe.

  3. Hello Adino! I don’t know if you remember me — we “met” online a few years ago (I was running the beauty website, Makeup Moxie).

    It looks like you’ve come far, my friend — on your reading list and on raising a family! Last I remember, your first baby was on the way and you were hoping that raising a child wouldn’t be much harder than caring for a puppy 😛

    My best to you, your lovely Poey Chin and your beautiful kids!

    Adino: Hi Jazmin, welcome back! Yeah time has certainly passed by, and raising kids is a hundred times harder than raising a puppy!

  4. Thanks, Adino, it’s good to be back! LOL, I bet! Still no kids for me — but I do have a two-year old niece and then another niece/nephew on the way! And from what I see my sister going through, maybe it’s TWO hundred times harder than raising a puppy 🙂

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