Books I’ve Read in 2010

Here’s a list of books I’ve read in 2010, taken from my GoodReads profile.

Adino Books I've Read in 2010 Part 1

Adino Books I've Read in 2010 Part 2

There are 57 books in the list, which is slightly more than 1 book a week.

You will see many books on bowling, chess, and photography besides the usual fiction.

My favourite books were:

  1. How to Lose Your Love Handles – helped me to lose a lot of weight and transform my eating habits
  2. McDonald’s Behind the Arches – inspirational story, and interesting to learn the history of McD
  3. Behind Deep Blue – story of the historical match from the perspective of the programmer who created Deep Blue
  4. Learning to See Creatively – taught me basic principles of photography with tons on samples

All of these books were borrowed from the library. I didn’t buy many books last year, which is why I hardly used my tax rebate for books.

I didn’t have a reading quota to meet and I wasn’t completing a book reading challenge.

Reading is just a part of my life, something I have to do. I hope my kids will pick up this habit from me.

How many books did you read last year? Do you plan to make reading part of your new year’s resolutions?

6 thoughts on “Books I’ve Read in 2010”

  1. Wow that’s a lot. Kow tow!

    I think I read 1 or 2 books last year. LOL
    Used to read books before sleep but changed my habit because I don’t think it’s good to lie down and read in bed!

    Adino: I read lying down too, so far no bad effects so I think it should be okay if you make sure you have proper lighting.

  2. 57 is a lot. at an average of RM40.oo per book that would amount to RM2280 per yr n quite a lot of storage space. i wish i had done that though

    Adino: Think of all the money I saved by joining a library (RM15 renewal fees a year)!

  3. i have library membership too but benghui is using my quota of books 🙂

    Adino: I registered account under Poey Chin so I get more books, and later I might open an account for Rachel too since she’s starting to read too.

  4. Brother, I really respect you. With two little one and time for your darling, you still have time to read so many books. My goal is one book a month. Usually I’ll met my yearly goal and read more than what I set but never increase the goal. Infact, I bought more books then manage to read them. Keep up your reading habits. Your kids see you do that they’ll follow. “Reading is to the mind as Exercise is to the body”- unknown.

    Adino: It’s not that hard to find time to read, I just had to give up some TV programs and some computer games. I also read everywhere including my car and the toilet.

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