Blue Black Rachel

Rachel got a bruise on her cheek last week.

She was standing on a dining table chair and fell off, hitting the table.

You can see a faint bruise under her right eye.

Rachel April 2011

When I came home from work, the first thing she did was to manja me.

I gave her a hug and she pretended to cry for a while.

Then I suggested boiling an egg to rub on her bruise.

She waited while we prepared her favourite manja drink, Milo nen nen.

After 10 minutes the hard boiled egg was ready and we rubbed the egg on her bruise.

Rachel April 2011

After a while, the bruise changed colour and wasn’t so brown any more.

See how manja she is.

Rachel April 2011

The bruise was gone after a couple of days.

In the past few days, Rachel was sick. It started with some vomiting, then she got better for a day. Then she started to vomit.

Then Daryl started to vomit, and now he has diarrhea.

So much washing of bedsheets, clothes and everywhere they vomited.

The house is like a war zone.

I tried to keep some form of hygiene but somehow it wasn’t good enough. Daryl still got infected.

I just worry about Poey Chin getting sick too, because I don’t know what I’ll do if she’s unable to take care of the kids.

4 thoughts on “Blue Black Rachel”

  1. Oh very the manja. Reminds me of me. Haha

    What did she ate wrongly?

    Adino: Oh you were like this also? I guess most girls would be haha.

    I think she had some leftover papaya, or maybe she could have picked up the bug from public toilet.

  2. Rachel’s looks are changing… I see more of Poey Chin in her face as she grows up. 🙂

    Adino: Yeah she looks more like Poey Chin but sometimes I think she looks like my mom too

  3. an ice-pack at the time of trauma will reduce swelling & inflamation, & thereby pain. however, i do wonder how the hard-boiled egg helps.

    Adino: Ohh I’ll try that next time!

  4. hard boiled egg is oso used in Sibu. adino, u got to pull yr weight in this kind of situation. PC must b under a lot of strain with both being sick. Take care

    Adino: Yeah I will. Hope you take care too, read on your blog you received some worrying news.

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