Back to Work, Back to Blogging, Life Goes On…

I’m writing this post to let you all know that I’m back! I went back to work two weeks ago, and there was this huge pile of work waiting for me. Actually there wasn’t any pile of documents on my desk, but I found my to-do list items reaching double digits. I have been so busy in the past two weeks that I didn’t really have time to blog.

I seem to have lost all of my readers since I took a break for my wedding and honeymoon. Save for a few loyal readers and friends, it seems that my web traffic has sunk to an all time low. If my web traffic report was a stock market report, people would be jumping off buildings by now.

Anyway, it’s back to blogging for me. I was trying to complete my series of posts about my wedding, but they will have to wait for a while because I haven’t sorted out my wedding photos yet. Long story short, I received the DVD from the photographer but I can’t read it in my ancient Dell DVD combo drive. I’m trying to get some friends to help, but then I have to wait until they are free.

Last week was very interesting for me, because I met a blogger! What happened was, I visited Leishia J’s blog because I saw a review on Pablo’s BlogsReview and he put their cute wedding photo up. At that time I was going to get married so I went to take a peek at Leishia J’s weding photos. I left a comment, she visited my blog and left a comment. My band planned to go watch Transformers together, and Donny decided we should go together with his church members.

When we arrived Donny introduced me and my wife to Leishia and Jason. We said hello, waved, smiled and made some small talk. At the back of my mind I though they looked familiar, and said to myself that I must have seen them at Donny’s church or something. The movie was great, and I didn’t think much about it.

The next day I was at work and got some free time, so I caught up on my Google Reader posts. Suddenly I saw a post on the 6.4.1 production, and saw some of Donny’s church member faces. I looked at the blog author… Leishia… *a lighbulb went off over my head (it was those white energy saving ones, 15W = 40W)* OMG! I met another blogger! I heard from Donny that Leishia was similarly excited when she found out 🙂

At home, I had all sorts of new experiences. Coming back from our honeymoon, I realised that our condo was a Mess (with a capital M). We had stuff all over the place. Stuff on the coffee table, stuff on the TV table, stuff on the piano, stuff on every horizontal surface! Needless to say, for the past two weeks I’ve been doing a Monica (Geller, not Lewinski) on our condo. Before she reads this and makes me sleep in the living room, I have to say that I have the most wonderful wife. She puts up with my neat-freak-ity with divine patience.

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2 thoughts on “Back to Work, Back to Blogging, Life Goes On…”

  1. lol ur a neat freak! u can be VERY good friend with jason! -_- and i think poey chin and i’ll make good friends too cos we are such GOOD WIVES to put up with guys like u peeps!!!!!!

    LOLL ok, i *know* i’m full of crap x_x

    Adino: Oooh! Finally, someone will understand! I also realized I spelled your name wrong, and I have fixed that 🙂

  2. u think u can do a good monica lewinsky impression? hahahaha..a little personal comment here from a fren 🙂
    u made everything happening to u the past month so exciting and happening 🙂 perhaps because the future is so fiull of promise for the two of you. In my time, I was always so ‘wood wood’ kind of person. everything was pent up is only thru blogging I have come out of myself and with a vengance. I realized many ppl read my posts. Certain posts have been read abt 10000 times! It exorcises the young time lectures who told me to shup up unless spoken to. i still meet snobs like that 🙂

    do u need to adjust anything on yr blog? i am typing comments but can only read some of what I type the rest just disappears into nothingness

    Adino: Thank you, I’m very excited about my new married life too. I love reading your posts, you have so many interesting stories about the people you meet. No wonder you can reach 10K hits for a post!

    As for the comments bug, I have tested out in Internet Explorer and I see what you mean. I will take a look at the coding once I’m home later. There’s no problem in Firefox 🙂 Thanks for the report.

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