Baby Rachel’s First Doggy Encounter

Poey Chin’s wish has come true. She has brainwashed baby against dogs.

*sob sob*

Last weekend we were at my parents home for dinner again, and this time Rachel was awake to see Sushi my tame Shih Tzu being all excited to see everyone.

(Not an actual photo from last week)

We placed Rachel on a mattress, and Sushi was barred away from the living room with a fence.

Rachel and Sushi could see each other at eye level, but could not go near each other.

Everything was going well at first.

Sushi was his usual excited self wagging his tail off. He was running around in circles and pacing left and right.

Rachel watched him go left, and watched him go right, and watched him turn around as I held her.

Then I put her down, and she started to cry.

(Not an actual photo from last week) 

Sigh… Rachel and Sushi do not seem to have any chemistry at all.

I brought Sushi to the back and sat there with him, talking to him and stroking him. I don’t want him to feel that we are banishing him away for the sake of baby. That could cause his little heart to be jealous, and possibly cause aggression towards baby.

Poey Chin tells me baby’s crying because she was not used to my parent’s home, not because of Sushi. At this age babies tend to be cranky in new environments.

I hope so.

Actually I think maybe baby Rachel is just afraid of some little creature being so active and moving so fast.

I don’t plan to allow baby and Sushi to be with each other yet, but I hope baby will get used to Sushi being around. After all, he’s part of the family too.

4 thoughts on “Baby Rachel’s First Doggy Encounter”

  1. Maybe she’s just never have such close distance with doggy! My gal loves doggy and I’m worried, she never knows what will happen if the dog bite her. So, I guess it’s still better to keep a distance… In times, I guess she’ll be glad to see Sushi.

    Adino: Better not go near unfamiliar dogs, because you don’t know how they will react. I hope she will get used to him some day.

  2. Freiddie said, maybe they will get along in time.

    Adino: Maybe when she’s older… and I guess we have to slowly expose her to get her used to the doggy.

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