Baby Rachel Is Born!

When doctor was checking Poey Chin, he told us that her water membrane had already burst!

However, he told us that baby has not descended into the pelvis yet. His theory was baby’s head was too big to go through my wife’s pelvis.

He recommended Caesarean section as the safest way to deliver baby.

Fifteen minutes later, Poey Chin was prepped in a labour ward. Half an hour after that, she was wheeled in to the operation theatre

She could not go under general anesthesia because we had taken breakfast, so she used a spinal epidural. I was able to join her in the operation room.

I don’t want to cover all the gory details, but thank God for all those episodes of Grey’s Anatomy we’ve been watching to desensitize me.

All throughout, I was comforting my darling wife because she looked scared.

Within 20 minutes or so, baby came out all crying and looking quite purple.

To cut the long story short (I need a nap, because I’m very tired), mummy and baby are fine.

My baby

Here are some more photos.

Opening one eye!

I wish I could say that I had a special feeling of crossing a threshold or something, but I didn’t feel anything special. In fact, I was very worried for my wife and baby and I didn’t calm down until I knew they were both fine.

Baby Rachel was born at 11:49am. She is 2.86kg (what a wonderful IT number!)

She is the loudest baby in the nursery. Not even a day old and she’s got a reputation for being loud!


I’m feeling very happy, very tired, a little worried and very proud of my wife.

Be prepared for baby photo overload on this blog!

23 thoughts on “Baby Rachel Is Born!”


    All the best to you and Poey Chin in this new phase of life!! God bless… Baby Rachel looks so cute!!

    Next phase, “silly daddy” turned “scary daddy” as he trades in “new father” role to “protective father”, having to deal with the long line of boys after his precious baby girl… *winks*

    Congratulations again!!

    Adino: Thanks Kim

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