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This is what my wife has been staring at these few months. Some people believe that your baby will look like whatever you stare at.

If you always stare at your husband, your baby will look like husband. If you always stare at yourself in the mirror, your baby will look like you. If you always stare at cute baby photos, your baby will be cute too.

Personally I don’t believe in this. I prefer to let my DNA determine how baby looks. But my wife swears by it and I don’t mind.

So Michelle suggested buying baby posters at Mid Valley Megamall.

My wife went there last month and got a couple of posters. This is the one she got because she says it looks like me. She said this baby has a “see mun” (gentle) look. Don’t go and think dirty things.

So how? Cute or not?

P/S: I’m posting this blog at 08.01.08 08:08. Hehehe… so kiasu

11 thoughts on “Baby Poster”

  1. hey..
    pregnancy how many months ad ah?
    if possible ask the baby to wait till 8th Aug 08
    and 8.08 am..
    will be a great one then..

    Adino: Cannot wait until so long la hehe. Now 5 months pregnant.

  2. It is cute, but I don’t see much resemblance (maybe I’m not just good at looking faces).

    Adino: Hehe maybe it’s something my wife sees.

  3. Do a retrospective post 1 year down the line and we will be able to tell whether or not this theory works! 😀

    Adino: Good idea!

  4. I don’t really believe it, what if the baby doesn’t look like either me or my hubby?? Haha.. just kidding.

    Adino: We’ll see how baby turns out… but then I just realized that we’re having a baby girl. Time to change the poster 🙂

  5. HI, where do you buy the posters in Mid Valley?

    Adino: Hi Yee, I got them from World of Cartoons. I think Jusco also has some

  6. hi adino.
    may i know from where did u buy the posters in midvalley megamall.will be a great help.

    Adino: Hi, I bought from World of Cartoons. But that was 3 years ago before I had my first baby.

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