Baby Names List #2

My wife and I have almost decided on our baby’s name.

I decided to forget about Aries because my wife doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about it. I also decided to forget about Japanese names because it doesn’t seem too suitable when I tried out the names.

It is just so hard to choose baby names. Some tips to choose baby names are:

  1. First of all, it must be a name that is agreeable to both parents and sometimes grandparents.
  2. It must be a name unique to your family (and my wife has a huge family).
  3. It must not be associated to any negative meanings or weird celebrities.
  4. It must not sound funny when combined with your surname
  5. It should be easy for a child to write and spell
  6. It should not be confusing for non-English speakers

It’s a miracle that we managed to find these few names!


We have pretty much decided that baby boy will be called Daryl. The name means ‘dear’ or ‘beloved’.


Baby girl will be called either Cheryl or Rachel.

Cheryl is German and has the same meaning as Daryl, while Rachel is a Hebrew name meaning ‘an ewe’. An ewe? Eww.

So what do you think?

11 thoughts on “Baby Names List #2”

  1. Aloha! Was just blog surfing and I happen to stop by at your site. Congrats btw!
    Being given the name rachel, I’d definitely go for Rachel 😀
    Well actually Rachel has another rather similar meaning to it : innocent lamb.
    All the best coming up with a perfect name for your kid!

    Adino: Thanks for visiting Rachel. Innocent lamb does sound better than an ewe 🙂

  2. Haha
    Now you know the pain we went through, for naming our kid

    Adino: Really respect those who have 4 or 5 kids…. how do you come up with names for them all? And I haven’t even started thinking about Chinese name for my baby yet.

  3. i love the Rachel bit even b4 Rachel commented. Daryl… would be alright i suppose…. if you like it. 🙂

    Adino: I like Rachel better too, compared to Cheryl.

  4. Oooooh, Daryl’s such a lovely name!

    Rachel’s (the name) lovely, and I’d agree with Rachel (the commenter. Tee hee!) that “innocent lamb” sounds better than kambing betina. Hehehe!

    How long more to go ah?

    Adino: 5 more months to go 🙂

  5. hahah
    our chinese name done by my grandpa..
    he name us vr well..
    but not mine i have to say..
    cause i got tease from

    Adino: Aiyo… must be careful to avoid names that will attract teasing.

  6. but its meaningful in chinese..
    i already told u i wish for a mei mei right?
    the names are there in the name list!

    Adino: Chinese names can be really meaningful, but people just like to tease and make fun 🙂 Thanks for the list btw

  7. welcome..
    so cani pray hard to get a mei mei?
    i don mind though u name the baby rachel or cheryl… long as the baby is a baby girl..

    Adino: Hehe, actually I prefer a girl and my wife prefer a boy. But we’re fine with either.

  8. I’m with Cheryl (if it’s a girl), because it’s rarer and more unique.

    Adino: It’s rarer and more unique true, but I think it will be harder for people to catch the name.

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