Baby Luther

Just want to let you all know baby Caleb is now an “uncle”.

In my wife’s large (and complicated) family tree, Luther is her cousin’s grandson.

Caleb is also “uncle” to baby Christian, who was  born a few months before him.

Maybe next Chinese New Year we might have the 3 baby rabbits meeting.

Everyone, head over to baby Luther’s blog to say hello!

baby luther wo

1 thought on “Baby Luther”

  1. Haha…couldn’t resist setting your blog to be published at 11:11 today, didn’t you? :-p

    Gasp! Caleb must be one of the youngest ‘uncles’…ever! 😀

    Adino: Yeah I put it at 11:11 instead of my usual time. Yeah he’s probably the youngest for now… but it’s funny how it works when they have a large extended family

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