Baby Daryl’s First Time Swimming

Today I want to share with you some photos of baby Daryl’s first time swimming.

We bought him a pair of mini Ogival swimming trunks that were on sale in Jusco. At first we planned to take him swimming in Penang, but we just didn’t have time so we decided to let him swim in our condo pool instead.

Poey Chin carried him into the pool and let him sit for a while. He seemed curious. I think he looks at the pool like a giant bath tub.

Baby Daryl swimming

Slowly we lowered him into the water.

Baby Daryl swimming

Sitting on the baby pool steps.

He can’t sit up by himself yet so we had to hold him tight!

Baby Daryl swimming

He just splashed around a bit with his arms and was surprised when the water splattered his face.

After he got used to the water, I brought him to the shady part of the adult pool and put him in a swimming position.

He started paddling instinctively with his arms and kicking with his feet. Of course he couldn’t move anywhere because he didn’t have the strength or co-ordination, but he ‘swam’ for a few laps that day.

I was very careful to keep his head above water.

Father and son posing for the camera.

Baby Daryl swimming

Back in the baby pool (and the hot sun).

Baby Daryl swimming

Rachel Jaws, terror of the baby pool being caught on camera.

Baby Daryl swimming

Rachel started swimming a bit older. I think we only took her around nine months or so.

She was not afraid at all but she didn’t have the paddling and kicking instinct.

Nowadays she’s more confident in the water.

Rachel swimming

She has no interest in learning how to swim, even though I try to teach her every chance I get.

She just loves to play with the water.

Her favourite activity is to jump in the water.

She learned how to do this after watching some older kids do it.

At first I had to watch her like a hawk when she was in the water.

I mean, kids have no idea how dangerous it can be, and take their floats for granted.

Nowadays I’m more relaxed but I’m still there in the pool with her, always a few feet away and ready to pull her out of the water like David Hasselhoff.

Rachel swimming

We’ll try to take them swimming every week.

2 thoughts on “Baby Daryl’s First Time Swimming”

  1. Daryl getting a piggy back… so cute.
    I hope Rachel will realize one day that jumping like that will get her mommy and daddy wet. Keke

    Yeah start them early. Not like me… so old liao also dunno how to swim. Haha

    Adino: It’s never too late to learn! After the last photograph, Rachel suddenly splashed water all over my camera. I hope nothing was damaged else I have excuse to buy D7000 also hehe.


  2. hey, “like” the picture of u carrying daryl in the pool. He was all smiley for the camera. 🙂

    Adino: Yeah it was the perfect timing!

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