Baby Daryl Second Week Photos

We just had a very pleasant, relaxing weekend. It was a wonderful surprise because I had no idea last Friday was a holiday.

I had time to snap a few photos and upload online. Here are some (i.e. more presentable) shots, taken with my new prime lens.

Daryl Chang sleeping (cute baby photo)

This was taken in his first week actually. You can see his skin was really yellow. He had to go back for 24 hours of photo light therapy. My wallet also need therapy after damaged RM700+.

Daryl Chang sleeping (cute baby photos)

Another shot of baby Daryl sleeping. Looks so peaceful I feel like sleeping now. Poey Chin said he looks like me when he sleep.

Baby Daryl open eyes (cute baby photo)

Daryl opening his eyes. He’s asleep 22 hours a day. Only wakes up at bath time and feeding time.

Rachel and Daryl Chang

Rachel jie jie giving baby Daryl a kiss.

Adino and Daryl Chang

Father and son photo. Sorry ya, pai seh show you my ah pek shirt.

Rachel Chang

Latest photo of Rachel (for facial features comparison purposes)

2 thoughts on “Baby Daryl Second Week Photos”

  1. One trick…adjust the white balance and jaundice be gone in an instant!!! 🙂 Hope Daryl is all pink now

    Adino: Haha, Daryl is fine now thanks!

  2. y dun you u go to government hospital for the phototherapy?

    Adino: Never thought about that option… will try that next time!

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