Baby Daryl January 2011

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted some baby photos, so here we go!

These photos were taken from late December to early January.

Daryl wearing a checked shirt because it was a cold morning.

daryl chang january 2011

Smiling for daddy!

daryl chang january 2011

First introduction to football. See those chubby legs. So geram want to pinch them!

Also my first time trying to take photos by tilting the camera.

daryl chang january 2011

He has started to take some soft food, and he’s always asking for food. You can’t see from this photo, but at that time he had one tooth at the bottom.

Here he’s eating some rusk biscuits.

daryl chang january 2011

“Hey, don’t even think about taking my food away”

daryl chang january 2011

3 thoughts on “Baby Daryl January 2011”

  1. Wah very macho in the checked shirt.
    He knows you’re taking picture of him ya? Look at his eyes while eating the biscuit. Haha

    Adino: Haha he looks really good in that shirt

  2. Daryl is so cute 🙂 I also feel geram. How are u and Nicole doing? Lately I see Rachael been following her grandpa to CC. It is such and encouraging side to see that Rachael getting along to CC.

    Adino: Thanks Monica! It’s quite tough nowadays handling the kids. Yup, she has joined the 3 year old cell now.

  3. Daryl looks so cute in these pics. Your family is being blessed although sometimes there is no awareness. Sometimes looking at the overall pic n not be trapped in the present opens the eyes a little. In Malay it is called kesabaran. 🙂
    Technically this comment is not for this post but a combo of the the recent posts 🙂

    Cheers Adino. 🙂

    Adino: Thanks for your encouragement and advice Bengbeng

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