Baby Daryl In His Crib

Baby Daryl is six months old today, and here are some photos taken a couple of weeks back.

He has started flipping from his tummy to his back, and he can roll around back to his tummy.

Daryl Chang

His neck is strong enough to keep his head up for a long time.

Daryl Chang

When he’s on his tummy, he can almost get on his knees.

He is starting to push himself backwards now.

I guess the next stage of development is sitting up, then crawling.

Daryl Chang

From the next photo you can see how chubby he has become.

Daryl Chang

I may be biased but Daryl is the cutest baby ever. Probably more so because of the cheerful personality he gets from his mother.

3 thoughts on “Baby Daryl In His Crib”

  1. ooh he is so cute..:) my darling son..dun worry u still my no.1 darling!

    Adino: Yeah, he’s so cute.

  2. Yes, looks chubbier. Anniina was 8.4kg at 5 months :-p

    Adino: Wow that’s really quick! I think my kids seem to be slower than average.

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