Baby Daryl Crawling

On January 1st this year, baby Daryl crawled for the first time! He was seven months old.

I quickly started recording the action on my phone, we didn’t even have time to turn on brighter lights.

Now Daryl can sit up from a lying down position, and he can pull himself up the side of his baby crib to a kneeling position.

He has also started saying his first words, da-da (that’s me!), ma-ma and mum-mum referring to food.

In terms of personality, he is starting to get more assertive. He will cry for attention and food. He is starting to crawl around the house looking for either Poey Chin or myself.

He’s also grown quite tough. We let Rachel and Daryl play for short periods of time now without worrying that Rachel might accidentally hurt him.

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