Baby Caleb Second Week Photos

Here’s some photos of baby Caleb from his second week on Earth.

It’s very strange, each time I look at his photographs, he looks like Daryl. But when you actually look at him, he’s quite different.

One thing for sure, he has Daryl’s lips but his chin is ‘sharper’, and his face is not as ’round’.

baby caleb chang week2

Photo of his tiny feet. I wonder what exciting places these feet will bring him to. Will you follow daddy’s footsteps?

baby caleb chang week 2

All my shifting around and camera shutter clicks woke him up from his nap.

Look between his eyes and you will see wrinkles, like he’s been frowning too much.

baby caleb chang week 2

Wide awake now. What are you doing daddy? Why are you putting that scary lens so close to me?

He always has this look like he’s worried about something.

baby caleb chang week 2

Caleb accidentally made a funny face with Rachel’s monkey.

baby caleb chang week 2

Until today I’ve not had much ‘alone time’ with Caleb. It’s always the two older kids getting my attention, or I have to distract them so Poey Chin can feed Caleb.

Most days I come home from work and Caleb is already asleep. I guess I have to take effort to spend more time with him.

I’m not certain if he even knows I’m his daddy.


I removed his mittens to try and photograph his tiny hands but he started getting fidgety.

baby caleb chang week 2

Pardon me if I take too many photos of his hair, because it’s so special to us. And we want to look back at these photos later to remember.

baby caleb chang week 2

Mummy!!!! Daddy keep disturbing my sleep!!

baby caleb chang week 2

I hope I’ll be able to take more photos this weekend.

P/S: I’m glad I installed the related post thumbnails on my blog. I just love how I can instantly compare photos of all my 3 kids. But the bad thing is, this blog seems to be turning into a baby blog!


5 thoughts on “Baby Caleb Second Week Photos”

  1. Hey there cutie. Uncle Leon is coming…..I can’t wait to hold you

    Adino: Looking forward to it, just let us know when you’re coming ya.

  2. Congrats! Have been very busy, didn’t know Caleb is 2 weeks old already :-p

    Adino: Thanks!

  3. Baby blog? I suppose it’s a natural progression. After all you do have 3 to write about!

    Adino: Yeah I suppose there’s no harm being known as a daddy blogger hehe

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