Baby Caleb May 2012

Here are some new photos of Caleb  from my camera.

2012 may caleb chang

As I write this post in June, he’s 10 months old. In the previous photo you can see four teeth but now two more are peeking through his gums.

The past few months have been interesting in terms of physical development. He is starting to ‘cruise’ on his feet while supporting himself along our furniture.

Caleb doesn’t like it when we carry him and stand still. He wants to move around and can be so impatient he will try to escape and then crawl away by himself.

He tries to join the two older kids but he can’t keep up with them yet because they’re running around too quickly. The only thing he can join them is… SCREAMING. He will scream and scream when he gets excited.

2012 may caleb chang

At this stage he’s always observing. You can see how curious he is.

2012 may caleb chang

Even at 10 months old, he is pretty much our baby. He still sleeps on our bed with us.







2 thoughts on “Baby Caleb May 2012”

  1. And how fast they grow! Didn’t I just read about your wife’s pregnancy a few months back ? 🙂

    Adino: Yeah, seems like a few months but almost a year has passed now 🙂

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