Baby Caleb Full Moon

Four weeks have passed so quickly, and Caleb is now one month old.

According to Chinese custom, we celebrated the first month with some red hard boiled eggs.

201108 caleb full moon 1

This time we just kept the occasion small, and had a simple meal at home.

We didn’t want to take up a restaurant like last time because: a) It’s hard to leave the house with 3 kids, and b) We don’t really want to have another ‘big’ event so soon and impose on others to come out during their hard-earned holidays.

I don’t know why but the term “full moon” makes me think of werewolves.

We ordered a home-made chocolate icing butter cake from Carrot Cut.

201108 caleb full moon 2

My mother in-law made ang ku kuey from scratch. Here’s a couple of them lying on a banana leaf.

We had some left over, so later we fried them till they were crispy for an evening snack.

201108 caleb full moon 4 ang ku kuey

The confinement auntie Mui cooked most of the food here. Some fried fu chuk (beancurd sheets), which are one of my favourite foods. Crunchy on the outside with a little bit of fish filling on the inside.

201108 caleb full moon 5

Stir-fried vegetables dish.

201108 caleb full moon 6

“Daddy I’m so hungry. See I’m all ready with my bib. Can I eat now?”

201108 caleb full moon - daryl

But wait, there’s more. Fried mee hoon prepared by sister in-law Wai Cheng.

201108 caleb full moon 10

Entering non halal section… there was braised pork.

201108 caleb full moon 8

We had the vinegar porks feet. We didn’t actually use pig feet for this dish, I think it was mostly the thigh or something.

201108 caleb full moon 11

Finally there was stewed chicken with rice wine.

201108 caleb full moon 9

A wonderful feast, and I forgot about not eating meat.

Throughout our meal, baby Caleb spent most of the time sleeping in his crib, while the older kids and their cousins were happily playing outside.

201108 caleb full moon 7

Thanks to all our family and friends for your gifts!


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  1. Every time the full moon party makes me misses my dad more 🙁
    wish that he is around to see the boys.

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