Rachel Going to Daycare

Daycare Photo by taberandrew

Today I have a special guest post from my wife Poey Chin.

Last night I put Rachel to sleep and as usual she asked me to read her bedtime stories, but she was unusually quiet.

I asked her if she was okay, she said yes. She looked tired. I could sense that she was a bit sad too.

I asked her why? She didn’t say anything.

I asked her if she liked going to school (we tell her that daycare is school).

She smiled.

Suddenly she told me, “I’m not baby anymore”.

“Yes, you are a big girl now”, I said as she nodded her head.

After that she went to sleep.

This morning she woke up telling me she didn’t want to go to school. She kept crying but I hardened my heart. I told her, “No, you need to go to school.”

She continued crying but finally stopped and I took her to bathe. After her bath, she suddenly asked to kiss me. I said okay, and she kissed me.

She looked so sad.

I knew she didn’t want to go to school but she will end up doing nothing if I let her stay at home.

As I drove her to school, she was very quiet. She looked sad like Adino said, but I knew she would be ok when she reached the daycare centre.

I told her I would be back soon to bring her home, and she only looked sadly at me. Tears almost flowed down my face but I knew I had to take her inside.

Its so hard but I know she will enjoy herself once she is there.

I want her to mix around with others. I already see improvement after she had been there a week, she is no longer afraid of other kids. Normally after school she tells me about some jie jie playing with her.

It’s just the separation anxiety in the morning.

My baby is no longer a baby. I guess its hard for us to be apart because she has been constantly beside me since she was born.

I feel so proud of her for not crying in school, at the same time I feel sad because she is away from me.

We are doing the right thing sending her to school right? How do you parents go through this stage?

Do advise.

Photo By: taberandrew / cc