Are Three Enough?

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It’s been one hectic week, and I haven’t downloaded photos from my camera to my computer, so I’ll leave the birthday posts for later.

Last night Poey Chin and I had a very difficult conversation. I guess every parent will ask this question.

Do we stop here? Are three kids enough?

Not Enough

We did discuss about waiting 5 more years to have another baby.

By then, we should be doing better financially. The first three kids would be older so it would free up some time to focus on another baby.

We did take into consideration that we were still quite young (Poey Chin is 30).

Yes Enough!

Obviously there are serious concerns to having more kids.

First is my worry that Poey Chin’s body can’t take another pregnancy.

Second is the tremendous financial requirements.

Third, we can hardly handle two kids and can’t even begin to imagine life with a third baby.

Then there is the thought of going through the diapers, crying, and milk bottles phase all over again.

So We Decided

Our decision at this moment, is to stop at three kids.

After baby Caleb, it will be time to move on to the next stage of our life.

In a few years Rachel will begin schooling, so we will need to make sure she has a good start to her education.

Poey Chin and myself always feel sad that we never got to “enjoy” the carefree life of a married couple. We had Rachel near our first wedding anniversary so we never had the chance to travel, and enjoy life.

What If We Get Lonely?

The question came up, what if we got lonely when the kids have grown up?

The solution: get a Shih Tzu. And then wait for grand kids.


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4 thoughts on “Are Three Enough?”

  1. I like the “what if we get lonely’ part. You’ll be busy with grandkids lo… Hehe

    Adino: Yeah it’s a long time away, but I hope so haha

  2. yeah, that’s right – cross the bridge when you come to it.

    Adino: The bridge is coming soon


  3. Three is already quite an achievement! 🙂

    Adino: Yeah, but I guess we haven’t achieved anything until we raise them to adulthood.

  4. Three is a good number. After all, a standard car has 5 seats! 🙂

    Adino: Yeah, any more and we will have to get a bigger car, bigger home, bigger shopping cart, bigger everything except my bank account!

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