Appreciating Taste

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This morning I was brushing my teeth and I tasted the mint in my toothpaste. I mean really, tasted the sweet, fresh flavour of the toothpaste.

And I realized that I have not tasted my toothpaste for a very long time. All this time just rushing through the process without second thoughts, my mind usually thinking about the busy day ahead.

If you think about it, a group of product development experts probably spent months to perfect the taste of your toothpaste. They probably paid many testers and focus groups to get it right.

I have been trying to learn how to appreciate taste and flavors in these past few months.

I have lost 11 kgs since the beginning of this year, and one of the ways I did that was to eat less. At first it was really hard to cut down on the quantity of food. I often felt unsatisfied at the end of a meal.

But I picked up a really good tip, which is to really appreciate and taste your food.

I would take a bite of meat and take the time to feel the texture of meat. I learned to detect my wife’s loving preparation of marinade and sauces. I started to differentiate different spices and ingredients.

Sometimes you watch food reviews on TV and they seem to have so much to say after taking one bite. I think they have learned how to really appreciate taste and flavors.

They probably taste the different flavors as we might separate different colors, or how a musician can separate different notes and chords.

Sometimes I also think about the hard work and long process that brought the food from the farms to my table.

So I encourage you to really take the time to taste your food today.

It doesn’t have to be exotic or luxurious food. Even your roti canai can be a wonderful exploration.

Share your experience. Did you try it, and what did you discover?

1 thought on “Appreciating Taste”

  1. Oh yeah talk about eating slowly? Appreciate taste? Susah la. I’ll just suap myself happy.

    Ok I will try. 🙂

    Yes I envy those food reviewers. So much to say while I have none. The only thing I know is delicious and not delicious. LOL

    Adino: Let me know if you have any new discovery!

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