Another Holiday Weekend!

Yahoo! Yippee! Hooray!
It’s time for another holiday!
*clap clap*
No need to work on Monday,
I can’t think of something else that ends with ‘ay’!

(Imagine singing above chorus to one of those High School Musical songs. Honestly they all sound alike to me. If you don’t believe me, sing it over and over again… and then modulate up one key and add some cheering sound effects. )

Where was I? Oh yes, another holiday weekend is in store for us Malaysians! Next Monday will be a public holiday to allow our Hindu brothers and sisters to celebrate Deepavali (or Diwali), the festival of lights.

One of the best feelings in life has got to be the Friday night before a long holiday weekend.

Unless you’re a chicken. Before Chinese New Year. Because you know… we eat a lot of chickens during Chinese New Year.

I don’t have any plans for this holiday, other than a trip to a shopping mall to get some new clothes for baby Rachel.

Maybe we will make another trip to my parent’s home to visit Sushi.

Maybe it’s time for me to dust off my swimming gear and pay a visit to my swimming pool.

So many possibilities… so much promise of free time.

What about you? What will you be doing this weekend?

9 thoughts on “Another Holiday Weekend!”

  1. get as much sleep as possible and study till my head explode!!
    lol..ok not?

    Adino: You cannot relax… you must study!

  2. Hmm… I think I’ll try to get things done, for once, this weekend.

    I’m glad Malaysia has a lot of holidays.

    Adino: I’m glad too! It sure does break the monotony of work life, and I get to have some time to get things done.

  3. Adino, I shall forgive you for rubbing it in…I’M ON CALL! 😉

    Adino: I guess in your line of work there is no such thing as weekends or holidays! Do you have to work 48 hour shifts still?

  4. soon, very soon, weekdays and weekends will be of no difference to me.. hehe.

    Adino: Enjoy it while you still can then!

  5. huh? it is a holiday? why? oh i jus reread the post…Deepavali. today was a holiday for sarawak though

    Adino: I always assumed it’s a holiday in East Malaysia too. Sorry about that.

  6. I went back to my hometown and came back to KL on Monday morning. Afraid of traffic jam that’s why came back here early a bit..

    So, do you have muruku? hehe…

    Adino: Was it jam? No I don’t have any muruku


  7. Oh yeah, I know absolutely what you mean about that Friday night feeling…woohoo….and what about that Sunday night feeling when you suddenly realize you have one more day of NO WORK?

    Adino: That’s a great feeling too!

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