All I Have Is This Picture

This is the only picture I have from my birthday ‘celebration’.

I took the day off work, and like any family man I had to go and run some errands.

First thing, we dropped off our Persona for servicing and I brought Poey Chin to do some banking. After that, we had to go to the JPN office in Petaling Jaya to collect Daryl’s MyKid.

While waiting for the car servicing to finish, Poey Chin and I went to the A&W at PJ State where we had a simple Coney Dog snack, a cold root beer and an ice cream waffle.
a&w root beer

After we went home, we had lunch at Grump’s restaurant in Kelana Jaya with daddy, mummy and my sister Lydia. After that we went to Ipoh.

Didn’t do anything else special because it rained and we had to settle the kids. I wanted to have a nice dinner but I guess I didn’t speak loud enough because I was ignored.

So that’s the mundane life of a daddy.

You still have to do errands on your birthday, you still have to prepare the milk, you still have to carry your crying baby, you have to go out in the rain to buy food…

Worst of all I didn’t even get to touch my bowling ball.

Just feel so disappointed.

2 thoughts on “All I Have Is This Picture”

  1. Hey don’t be disappointed. You’re with your family. That’s the most important thing.

    Play bowling anytime also can ma.

    Adino: I guess so…

  2. son: we shall have a KFC party for Christmas. The kids will love it too.
    I personally like the ‘wicked wings’
    I enjoy reading your blog. Great work journaling love you mum

    Adino: Thanks mummy, we don’t need to have a party there, just get some food will do.

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