Afraid of the Rain


The rain has certainly been in the news these past few days.

Massive flash floods all over town, and next week we will have water supply cut.

If you are puzzled about the dark photo above, it is a wet road that I was afraid to cross.

I stood there for a while. I was deciding if I should get the umbrella from my car or make a dash for it.

It wasn’t even raining very heavily. Just a light rain.

The cold wind blowing against me brought back memories of my youth.

I used to be able to walk, cycle and play around in the rain without any ill effect.

Now I’ll fall sick if I get a few drops of rain on me.

I don’t know. Is that a sign of old age? Or is this a sign of a weak immune system?

I was brought back to the present moment with a flash of lightning. I took a photo to commemorate the moment.

Then I went back to my car, and finally decided to use an umbrella.

3 thoughts on “Afraid of the Rain”

  1. Guai la..must use umbrella if not u fall sick i have to take care of u as well..and there will be 4 babies to take care of..i’ll be the next one to fall sick 🙂

    Adino: Yeah, but I didn’t have to do that when I was younger.

  2. I agree. It is not called weakness.
    It is called: responsibility 😛

    Adino: Haha yeah that’s a positive way of looking at it

  3. If we are tired or stressed, our immune system will be weaker I guess… thus easier fall sick kua.

    Adino: Maybe. I do feel more tired and stressed nowadays.

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