Adino’s Mysterious Car Wash

First of all, let me confess that I hate washing my car. More often than not, it will rain several hours after I wash my car and it will get dirty again.

In the past few weeks I have been using my dad’s Honda Siti because he went overseas, and so I left my Proton Wiira parked outside my condo.

I don’t want to say it’s supernatural, mystical, magical or even ethereal. I’m sure there is a perfectly illogical explanation to the incident.

You see, after two weeks exposed to the outdoor weather and parked under some trees, it accumulated a shocking amount of dust, rainwater stains, bird poo doos, and dry leaves.

Each time I went to warm up my car, I would try my best to clear off whatever debris I could from my car. I didn’t want the management to think that it was abandoned, because they tow abandoned cars away.

Two weeks ago I took some tissues to wipe off some of the bird poo doo that had been baked dry from the roof of my car.

After I was done, my car looked a bit funny. If you looked at the dust stains, you will know the owner tried to clean his car using a tissue.

Last Sunday after I returned the Honda Siti to my dad, I went to get my car and it was clean! No dust stains, no poo doo, no leaves!

Someone had mysteriously washed my car for me, either by mistake or by charity.

Thank you, whoever you are!

I think I will park my car outside my condo again this weekend.


8 thoughts on “Adino’s Mysterious Car Wash”

  1. there are lots of good people in this world despite all the terror we read about in the news.

    a small gesture like this goes a long way. imagine the effort to clean such a dirty car. and someone did it out of the kindness of their heart. maybe they had their cars towed away before and went to save you the trouble

    Adino: I thank the kind person who did this


  2. hi Adino

    did you spell honda city as honda siti on purpose? just wondering.

    Adino: Yeah I did


    I named my dad’s car Siti, and my car Wii-ra

  3. I had a mysterious car wash too! Just last week. But I know who my mysterious benefactor was… my Dad. Hehe. He drove my dirty car to the carwash and had it properly washed and vacuumed for me. 😀

    Adino: But this one wasn’t done by anyone I know wor… I was keeping the car keys with me.

  4. get ready for a shocking big invoice!

    Adino: Nah… I didn’t ask anyone to wash, so if get invoice I will ignore it.

  5. Can I park my car there too? 😛

    Adino: Sure can… but you must put lots of poo doo on your car before someone will wash it

  6. Christmas came early this year 🙂
    I wish the same would happen to me…sometimes I’m a little embarrassed driving my own car because it’s so dusty!

    Adino: I don’t think anyone will notice, people usually care more about how their own car looks

  7. I also want to park my car outside your apartment.

    Adino: You’re welcome to do so! But I have to tell you, the chances of getting a car wash are lower compared to the chances of getting bird poo doo!

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