Adino Tastes Yoghurt

When I was shopping during the last holiday weekend I decided to give yoghurt a try.

You may be surprised to see a person who has never had yoghurt before.Well I have tried a bit of yoghurt before (when it first became available so many years ago) but I didn’t like it.

I don’t drink milk. I’m not lactose intolerant, because I don’t get any bad reactions after taking milk. I just feel like throwing up if I get too much of a milky taste in my mouth.

Sometimes when I’m washing baby’s milk bottles I feel like throwing up. I’m so afraid of baby Rachel throwing up on me that I face her the other way when I burp her.

Strangely I’m okay with milk in my coffee, tea or other drinks. I’m even okay with dairy products like butter, cream and even ice kacang. I don’t mind eating condensed milk in it’s undiluted form.

I’ve only had yoghurt once before. It was about twelve years ago. We were in Australia then and we had a breakfast of fruit flavoured yoghurt. I think at that time, fruit flavoured yoghurt wasn’t available in Malaysia yet.

Even then I could barely keep it down with some coffee and toast.

So I got myself a packet of Dutch Lady yoghurt at RM1.79. You can see the delicious breakfast Poey Chin prepared for me ‘just in case’. I like the little folding spoon that came with it.

After I opened the lid, it smelled strange, like a vat of moldy milk. It looked like dogs vomit.

With steady hands and a trembling heart I took a spoonful of yoghurt, telling myself that it was just melted ice cream, it was just melted ice cream…

I put it in my mouth.

And waited (melted ice cream, melted ice cream)…

Hi, this is Adino from the year 2020, 12 years in the future. Do you know I’m still saying melted ice cream when I eat yoghurt! Haha…

And waited some more (enjoying the delectable mango bits)…

And I liked it!

Now that I look closely at the photo, it does seem like someone is pointing a gun to my head. But trust me, Dutch Lady yoghurt (and I assume other brands of yoghurt) does taste quite nice.

However, I could only take half of it (the other half is still in my fridge!).

After a while my melted ice cream mantra didn’t work any more. The milky taste became too overpowering and I gave up.

Would I get another one? Sure, but I think I’d have to share with someone. I just don’t think I will be able to finish that huge carton of yoghurt by myself. It’s like a Fear Factor challenge for me!

My suggestion for yoghurt manufacturers is to include something crunchier (like chocolate chips or chopped almond nuts) so that the texture becomes a bit more bearable.

How about you? Do you like yoghurt? Which is your favourite flavour?

P/S: Sorry to scare you with my ‘fresh out of bed’ look

11 thoughts on “Adino Tastes Yoghurt”

  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of anyone who “fears” yogurt. I did have revulsion over milk when I was around 10 or so, but the weird thing is that I liked milk (a lot) when I was 3 or 4. Of course, I managed to get over this revulsion later on.

    By the way, my favorite flavor is strawberry, because it’s sweet. Which flavors have you tried so far?

    Adino: I’ve only tried mango (the one you see in the photo) and strawberry (from 12 years ago in Australia).

  2. u try the drink..
    ur pics u are doing ads for that brand ler..
    send to the company…
    tell them u are doing ads for them…hehe

    Adino: No, I’m not doing ads for them. But I don’t mind if any company wants to pay me to do a review of their product. I promise I won’t use the term ‘dogs vomit’.

  3. I love mango yogurt…especially the mango bits in it. I think Dutch Lady’s is a tad too watery. Anlene used to be good, but now I dunno. Well, if they don’t have nuts in it, you get chopped walnuts or something and add it in la…then it will be like yogurt sundae!

    Adino: Yeah, I thought it was a bit too watery too. Maybe I will try other brands next time.

  4. ooohh i have the same dislike for milk especially milk powder.. the smell of it makes me wanna vomit.. so i cannot take anything with milk powder in it. I dislike milk generally too so i dont drink milk by itself, whatever form it is but at the same time, same like you, i can take other dairy products like ice cream and all. Just as long as the milky taste is not the dominant taste. I’m fine with yoghurt drinks, just as long as the fruity taste overcomes the milky taste.

    Adino: Glad to know I’m not the only one!

  5. Hahahah, that first photo of you is simply hilarious! As for me, I only eat yoghurt with fruity bits in ’em. Natural ones look like dog’s vomit 😛

    Adino: I shudder at the thought of the taste of plain yoghurt!

  6. Come to think of it, I used to have yogurt daily! These days I prefer yoghurt drink. You might like the imported type which is a little firmer in consistency (like ice cream) but it’s hard to find.

    Adino: Hmm… so many suggestions for yoghurt drinks. Maybe I try those too!

  7. I went to the US for a holiday to visit my brother and it’s funny that they sell yoghurt at McDonalds.. and believe me i think you’d like the ones there coz they have a packet of crunchy muesly crisps that u can mix your yoghurt with and it’s more sweet-ish compared to the sour taste that we get here.

    Adino: I can imagine the muesly will make the texture quite nice!

  8. Guess you would prefer the dutch yoghurt….they have them in chocolate flavour with chocolate chips. =)

    Adino: Oh!? That is great news! I wonder where I can find dutch yoghurt….

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