Adino Part Two

Last week I wrote about what my name, Adino means. It was quite amusing to hear that some of you thought that I made up the name as a blogging moniker.

Some of you may have come to this page to thinking of naming your future children Adino as well, and it certainly is a wonderful name.

There are many advantages to having a unique name. For one, I never have any trouble getting usernames when I sign up for website accounts. Adino is almost always available. Secondly, people do remember my name, especially my father’s friends who have not seen me since I was a small boy.

Today, I’m going to highlight some of the problems that I have encountered with such a unique name.

1) Nobody gets my name on the first try. With the exception of a few, most people will think that I am called:

“Al Dino”
“Eddie Loh” (or just Eddie)
“Andy Loh”
“Il Divo”
“Giordano” (please clean your ears ok?)

I always have to repeat my name two or three times, so sometimes when I’m in a hurry I just tell people my name is Dino.

2) After they get my name, here are the typical responses (lame jokes but it’s okay because I understand they are trying to memorize my name). I think I mastered my fake-smile from this.

“A Dino, like a dinosaur” (ha. ha. ha.)
“Dino, the pet in the Flintstones” (yabba dabba doo)
“Ajino moto” (yawn)
“Adino Domino” (Poey Chin hates this one)

3) Mis-pronunciation. People actually pronounce Adino as “AH Dino”.

I’m being a bit fussy here, but you don’t call Andy AH-ndy, or Aaron AH-aron. You don’t call Ally AH-lly. I think they’re confused with names like Ali, Abu or whatever.

The ‘A’ in Adino should be pronounced with the same tone as you would call Andy, Aaron, Ally. The ‘A’ is a soft ‘A’. Try it. Andy, Aaron, Adino. Very good.

Now, having written this post, I hope that you don’t think that I’m so particular about my name. I’m just sharing some of the funny ways people get my name wrong.

4 thoughts on “Adino Part Two”

  1. I suppose “Adino” is pronounced “A-dee-no” where A is as in “Adorn”, right? Correct me if you prefer it a different way.

    I think being a foreigner does affect the way people know my names and the way I know theirs. I find it really hard to remember African names, although the simpler (which are less than 6 letters) names are easier to know of.

    Adino: Yes, that’s just about right 🙂

  2. It’s normal for people to mispronounce unique names. I get that all the time so I know exactly what you’re writing about. 🙂

    Adino: Yeah, you know the funny situations that we can get into.

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