Adino Chang and Lim Poey Chin

Our wedding story…

November 17 2006

We went out for a date to celebrate our dating anniversary. I brought her to the Curve where we had lunch. We passed by a jewelry shop. Poey Chin asked me, “when will you propose?”.

I said, “next year dear… we need to save more money.”

With disappointment on her face, we proceeded on our date and I fetched her home after dinner. On the way back, I told her I wanted to check our condo (which was under renovation). I told her there was some electrical problem the day before, and I wanted to make sure it was fixed.

So we went to our condo, and I asked her to test the lights in the master bedroom.

She turned on the light, and the first thing she saw was the giant teddy bear that she told me she liked previously. She turned around and I was holding the huge bouquet of roses in one hand, and a ring in the other hand.

I got down on my knees and proposed to her.

The photo you see was taken when we were back at her brother’s house.

Bridal Photos

Complete photo set: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. I love these photos because it gave me lots of outdoor wedding ideas.

June 15 2007

My best friends and I had my bachelor party in Kota Kemuning. I remember being really nervous on that day, and really really stressed.

Planning a wedding is no joke. There are hundreds of things to follow up on!

I remember I could not sleep at all that night.

Receiving the Bride

Early in the morning, we went to fetch Poey Chin from her house to my parent’s house.

Personally it was a very emotional morning. We were a late due to a traffic jam on the LDP caused by a broken down truck.

After the required ‘trials’, we had a tea ceremony for her family. We arrived at my parents house and completed all the tea ceremonies slightly before lunch.

More photos.

Wedding Ceremony

We said our vows in a simple wedding ceremony in Sheraton Subang. This was it, the moment we had been waiting for. This was the beginning of our lives together.

Read more.


We had a rather humble honeymoon in Cherating.

To me, travel overseas can be a really stressful experience. I didn’t want us to quarrel on our honeymoon, so we agreed to go on a local honeymoon first.

The idea was, we could go for a nice honeymoon overseas one year later.

We did not plan for baby Rachel to arrive one year later! Poey Chin tells me she feels cheated. I’m sorry, it was bad strategy.


We are still happily married. I’m still trying (and failing) to be the best husband I could be.

We have Rachel who takes up a lot of our energy and romance seems to be something we only see on TV.

Our story continues…

3 thoughts on “Adino Chang and Lim Poey Chin”

  1. Hahax.. cute proposal.. XD
    everything happens in a blink of eye..
    and now.. Rachel is growing up fast..
    Hahax.. Anyway.. Hope for the best for both of u ya..
    Take care.. PC?EUR???^!!

    Adino: Thanks!

  2. hey man what a way to remember things.

    i wish i was half the man you are man… lol… my proposal was a mess it was like everything that could go wrong went wrong… lol…

    i tell you what i baby sit rachel you go on honeymoon… lol hows that sound?

    Adino: Knowing you, I’m sure your proposal was really romantic!

    I don’t think we would enjoy a holiday if we left Rachel behind haha

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