About Dreams Again

Two nights ago I had a dream where I was in a house (looks something like one of the houses I stayed in before). I don’t know why but I jumped from the ceiling of the bathroom into the water tub (see? got bathroom again). I came out of the bathroom.

Suddenly I heard someone calling “Daddy!“. I turned around to see a young boy (looks like me when I was three years old) coming towards me, and behind him, his baby sister crawling towards me. The baby girl looks like my sister.

The boy asked me for chocolate and I gave him some. He was wearing this white T-shirt with red collar. Then he put his hands around his sister and smiled cheekily at me (looks exactly like me). I hugged them both.

I felt really happy hugging them. They had this really sweet smell (maybe their mummy makes them bathe twice a day). My son and daughter had big eyes (not small like mine). I didn’t want to let them go.

When I woke up I felt like I had lost something.

The funny thing is, yesterday Poey Chin was feeling unwell. Her period is late a week. I googled ‘early pregnancy symptoms’ and she’s 5 out of 10. However she’s not having any nausea (which is the typical symptom I’m guessing).
We’re thinking of getting a home pregnancy test.

I can’t wait to be a daddy. The only thing holding us back is we might be quite tight financially. I might have to go and sell burger outside my condo, or I might have to blog harder to get more income.

Stay tuned for updates (so ‘drama‘ hehe).

7 thoughts on “About Dreams Again”

  1. darling, i dun want u to sell burger la..
    then u will go out the whole nite..i rather u stay at home and blog…anyway i dun think its so soon…even if im pregnant u still have to wait for another 9 months..

    Adino: After I blog so much you write to Dear Thelma how?

  2. take it as it comes . live a day at a time..everything will have a way of working itself out 🙂

    Adino: Okay, looks like good advice 🙂

  3. *gasp* go buy a pregnancy kit lah! 1 week late ade! the sooner u know, the better equipped u can be in terms of getting more rest and not moving so much!

    erm. ok. as. if. i’m. the. husband. now. -_-

    but serious lah!

    Adino: I’m hoping to wait and see until this weekend. For now I won’t allow Poey Chin to move too much. But okay I might just go pharmacy tonight. Very nervous la.

  4. the kits these days can detect as early as 3 days b4 the expected period date. so, yeah, go check and have a peace of mind.

    and pls pls pls, seriously, dun climb stares, no squatting toilet bowls, oh dear, i’ve so much to share with u guys on these! lol like aunty. shy oni. thing is, the 1st 3 months is always the most crucial and fragile time.

    hey, i suppose u guys know about getting on folic acid ade right?

    Adino: Yeah my sister-in-law told us to start getting the folic acid supplements, and drinking more milk. Thanks for the tips! By the way not aunty la, all this info is good to share 🙂

  5. ok. this is the last comment. i promise. i wont spam ur blog anymore for… uh, today! lol

    also, if u go see a gynae, i’m sure he’ll put her on vitamin E too. so just google and read up about it.

    anyway, u can get me on my email lah, we can talk there. all the best adino!

    Adino: Not spam la, you are welcome to comment as many times as you like. Will update everyone once err… there is something to update about. Thanks for all the advice!

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