A Salmon Swimming

A salmon swimming
Writing pages of blog posts
My heart is racing

Submit to PPS
Will anyone be bothered?
I need the page views

Like ants to sugar
How did I get desperate
For few cents a day

Alone in cosmos
How do I reach the big leagues?
Maybe in my dreams

This doesn’t look right
A penguin in Hawaii
I’ve ruined haiku

1 thought on “A Salmon Swimming”

  1. Scratch head. I have underestimated adino. He not only plays the guitar, sings and dances 😉 he writes haiku.

    Yeah, sometimes i get the feeling too. Why do I bother to continue blogging…. i guess the end will come eventually. just prolonging the experience as long as i can. On my blog even Benghui has taken over. He gives a fresh look to my blog. But he is spending too much time on the computer now. He is such a fast learner it amazes me. Like a sponge soaking up water.

    Adino: I can’t sing and dance 🙁

    Apparently I can’t write haiku either.

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