A Close Encounter

The other day my colleagues and I went for lunch at our regular coffee shop. The place was packed, so we had to share tables with others.

I chose a large round table where there was only one man, and the four of us sat down and ordered our food.

While we were eating, we talked about the usual stuff. A bit about work and a bit of catching up with each other. Well, actually I mostly listened.

Suddenly the stranger sitting next to me started to giggle. He was chewing a mouthful of food and started laughing to himself.

I looked around to see if anyone had told a joke without me realizing, and we all looked at each other.

Now I have to pause here to say that I sometimes smile to myself when a funny memory or thought comes to mind, but I’ve never giggled out loud!

So there I was holding a spoon of crispy sweet and sour pork with curry-soaked rice halfway to my mouth.

The stranger was a young man, slim and short with short cropped hair. He looked like he was in his early twenties, and he looked perfectly normal. If he didn’t look normal I wouldn’t have chosen to sit there right?

His giggling grew louder, “mmm hmm hmm… HEHEHE”

“You know what’s funny?” he asked us.

We ignored him.

“You know what’s funny?” he repeated. This time he did not wait for a reply.

“My supervisor kicked my butt!”

I’m not making this up.

He gave us a grin, leaned forward and said, “My supervisor Mr Subramaniam kicked me at my backside!” while pointing with one finger to his behind.

“giggle giggle HAHAHAHA!”

Me and my colleagues looked at each other, and then started to finish our lunch in the quickest way possible.

I held my fork in the ninjutsu fifteenth defensive stance to prepare for any sudden attacks. (I had to protect my female colleagues)

I was glad that guy wasn’t eating any western food which requires knives.

About five minutes later, he finished his lunch and left the table, still giggling to himself.

What a scary experience!

5 thoughts on “A Close Encounter”

  1. Thats sounds weird…better be mindful of who u share tables with…next time

    Adino: Yup, next time must be more careful

  2. yeah, my close encounter was when I got kidnapped by aliens from space; they took me on board their spaceship & did all kind of weird experiments on me like anal probe!

    Adino: How come you didn’t use your force powers on them? Did they have ysalamari protection?

  3. Wow, he might have experienced something traumatic before and was having a break down?

    Adino: Maybe. I’m guessing he’s probably got some issues and needs treatment

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