8 Things You Didn’t Know About Adino

Two weeks ago the Giddy Tigress tagged me with the Eight tag. I’m supposed to write “Eight Things About Me”, but as usual I like to twist all these things around to make things interesting.

Sometimes when you read a blog, you imagine people to have certain personalities because you’ve never met them. For example, I always imagine BengBeng being very brave as he goes around seeing dead people all the time.

I imagine Pablo like those handsome Hong Kong TVB actor in those law dramas. I always think of Dilbert when I think of MonkeyWong. Josh will be in his gangsta car going after my company’s reckless van drivers.

Sorry lady bloggers I don’t want to imagine you all la… otherwise my wife will twist my ears. Or, those of you with husbands who have huge biceps will come after me *gulp*

So gentleladies and men, before I have to sleep on the sofa tonight, allow me to present to you my Eight Course Dinner, Eight Things You Didn’t Know About Adino

1. I’m Really Quiet

Sometimes I’m afraid to attend those blogger gatherings (not that I’ve ever been invited to one). I think that you all would be quite disappointed to meet me. I won’t say much at all. Quite unlike my online personality.

In fact, I was so quiet in school that I think my classmates don’t even remember me anymore. How do I know that? I have not received a single invitation to any class reunion or gathering. Not one.

And you would think that one of them would try to google me and find my blog. You would think that they could have found me through Friendster, or even Dogster, but noo…

2. I’m Timid As a Shih Tzu

If you come up to me on the street and snatch away my ice cream I would probably let you, and maybe give you a tissue as well. I guess people tend to bully me because I don’t speak out much.

But some people go too far and they find out that I have…

3. Crouching Bulldog, Hidden Rottweiler

My anger burns fierce like the sun. Better not say more to avoid contradicting myself in the future.

4. I’m Not Stupid

Sometimes I get treated like I’m stupid because I’m so quiet. But I’m actually listening. And watching. And observing. So ends up that I actually know more than people who keep talking non-stop (even when they have nothing to say).

I’d like to vent that I’m not any less intelligent than you are because I don’t say anything. More words does not equal more knowledge.

5. I Play Music

I play the bass guitar, and I’m happy to say that I know what sounds good and what doesn’t sound good. Now I’m trying to reach a point where I can play what I feel sounds good, without thinking about it.

I also like listening to sappy songs. So when someone asks me to write a poem or a song, it will be 100% sappy.

6. I Like Romantic Movies

I love to watch romantic movies, especially those movies that really highlight how beautiful love can be. For example: The Notebook, Lost in Time.

Oh, and I love manly man movies like Transformers too. Yeah.

7. I’m Not Really That Interesting

I can’t even think of a seventh thing to write about!

8. I Love Dogs

I bet you didn’t know that! Dogs are so loyal and good friends. I think puppies are the best therapy for the soul. Except for Sushi my Treacherous Shih-Tzu. He sells out to anyone offering him food.

My wife sometimes gets jealous of my dog.

There you go, 8 things you didn’t know about me from reading my blog but would know if you met me. So in conclusion you probably won’t want me at a blogger gathering. Cos I’ll be there smiling and staying quiet and just being a little bit boring.

Oh well…

12 thoughts on “8 Things You Didn’t Know About Adino”

  1. interesting.

    sticking to yr policy of talking less n showing more IQ 🙂

    Adino: LOL I don’t mean you all la. I mean some people at my office talk and talk and talk but no substance.

  2. Haha, are you sure or not about this ? But you write a long post ya.. =)

    ” 7. I’m Not Really That Interesting
    I can’t even think of a seventh thing to write about!”

    Adino: I don’t know how… I got stuck at number 7 cos I wrote it last. But I think I wrote too much hehe.

  3. I think I like (can love onot? 😛 ) u because like you also i dun talk much, maybe we can be a good friend! 😛

    Adino: Really? You too? Might end up very boring if both of us also don’t talk. But once I am comfortable with someone I can talk non-stop too. Just ask my wife.

  4. Phoar! If my looks are as dashing and popular like Hong Kong TVB drama actors, I would have put up my photo oredi.

    Adino: I thought you don’t put up a photo to keep away female fans hehe

  5. Hey, it is really interesting to read that.. And I happen to be a little quiet like u too, especially in front of strangers or people that I am not close too.. =)

    Adino: Yay, you can join Monkey Wong and me in the Quiet Club!

  6. Thanks for doing the tag! I’m a dog lover too… 🙂

    Adino: Thanks for tagging me 🙂 Next time you got any tags, feel free to send them my way. I’m tag deprived.

  7. This is indeed a good site. =) I’m a friend of Poey Chin though. I find your site resourceful one way or another. Keep it up =)


    Adino: Welcome Aaron! Don’t worry, I’m taking good care of Poey Chin 🙂

  8. Wow. That is really different from the image you project on this blog

    Adino: Ya lor. I think I’m more comfortable facing computer screen than facing people 🙁

  9. You have no problem facing a camera too, I noticed.
    Maybe you consider that another screen? ^-^

    I have big problem facing camera

    Adino: In preparing for wedding, and taking so many photos, you kind of get used to the camera 🙂

  10. No.7 about adino
    caring/quiet/tender hearted/VERY TICKLISH/is the king in all flight simulator games (i.e. x-wing/tie-fighter)

    Adino: Waa… don’t let Poey Chin know about the ticklish thing. And flight sims ah? Can’t do it without a wingman like you 🙂

  11. what wingman? i’m usually sitting next to u giving stupid advise, the back-sit-driver syndrome. hahahahaha, can u imagine, i used to go to your house for the computer and nintendo games more then your company….. hahahahaha, now that i’m old enuff, i’m not afraid to confess

    Adino: 🙁 Sob sob…

  12. I landed on this page after reading “Lunch With Josh”. I don’t think I would have guessed any of those characteristics. Rather, I sometimes judge people by what they write. My initial guess of you would have been “a very expressive person; not shy; interesting”.

    Adino: Wow… thanks 🙂 but I’m really quiet if you meet me in real life.

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