3 Reasons Why I Won’t Buy That Book

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Recently I came across a very attractive book promising to teach me how to make money online. The book will remain unnamed, but it was published by a local publisher that comes out with some of my favourite books.

I found the book topic to be enticing because it promised to meet my need. I was delighted to find that the author had a blog, and I went over to check it out.

What a big disappointment.

Immediately any thoughts of buying the book went out of my mind.

1. Bad Writing

You would expect the blog of a published author to be written with an acceptable level. What I saw were short blog posts less than one page long.

Thoughts were disorganized and I could hardly find any useful information from the blog, even after I combed the blog archives.

I’m not saying my writing is so fantastic in comparison, but hey I’m not publishing a book!

2. Ads Everywhere

I’m not exaggerating when I say the blog was saturated with ads. AdSense in the header and sidebar. Context ads in the content. Multiple affiliate banners.

There wasn’t even any effort by the author to make the ads blend in.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with placing ads on a blog. After all, my own blog has ads up on top and there on the side.

But this blog author is supposed to be someone who was successful making money online!

How can the blog look so unprofessional?

3. Limited Value

I mentioned struggling to find any useful tips or content on the blog.

I’m not trying to be a freeloader, and I don’t mind paying for books. But if the blog really does reflect poorly on the book’s reputation.

I have to admit that I’ve not read the book, and for all purposes it may be packed full of information. But if you are a common person like me, how much confidence would you have?


To me there are a few lessons to learn (which is why I’m sharing this).

First of all, our blog will represent us online. People can see what we like, they can see how we communicate, and they can even see how we think.

Be very careful what we write.

Second lesson is, our blog should be aligned to what we are trying to sell. If we are teaching others to make money, then our blog should reflect how successful we have become.

Finally, our blog is an open book that exposes our lives for anyone to see. We have no way of knowing who’s reading.

Take care to keep some form of privacy.

Image by Svilen Milev

4 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I Won’t Buy That Book”

  1. at first i thought it was the book by mahathir. Give me free oso i dont want. If i want spin, i will buy a top (gasing) with my own money. adino i am in so much pain, sometimes i feel my prayers have reached an invincible barrier, but i know i am getting better 🙂 the pain is jus a nuisance.

    Adino: No, it’s not that book. It’s a book about making money. Hope you get better soon, certainly it is no fun being in so much pain.

  2. I wouldn’t buy the book too if I find the person’s blog to be that ‘messy’.

    Anyway there’s a lot of making $ online tips out there (www). Don’t have to buy book la (save it for other stuff). The most important tip I know of is creating good content that attracts readers. 🙂

    Adino: Yup agree. Anyway I think this book was not focusing on blogging, but those affiliate sales type of thing.

  3. Which book are you mentioning?? I am curious…lol

    Usually I just quickly read the entire book in less than 1 hour.If I am able to do that, it means that I know everything the book has to offer beforehand. 😛


    Adino: Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Don’t wanna mention names


  4. aiya.. this type of book download la..

    Adino: I don’t think anyone will bother converting to ebook format 😛

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