28 Differences: Me at 28 vs Me at 18

I’m 28 today. 28 is such an auspicious number… pray for God’s blessings and abundance to be in my life 🙂

Last year was the best year of my life so far! I got married to Poey Chin, my wonderful, loving, sweet and adorable young wife. I found direction in my career, and was able to contribute to several projects in my company.

I started attending DUMC, where God is challenging me out of my comfort zone and complacency.

I started blogging, which is the single most fulfilling thing I have done so far because I love to write. Best of all, I have found so many new online friends who are all excellent bloggers too.

I have a lot more to look forward to in my 28th year of life.

On my special day, allow me to compare 28 things that are different between me at 28 and when I was 18:

  1. I’m 1 cm shorter than when I was 18.
  2. Not a virgin any more. I don’t blush so much now when talking to some female colleagues.
  3. More money in my bank account.
  4. Owe the bank money instead of bank owing me money.
  5. No more time to play computer games.
  6. I can’t stand amusement park rides any more.
  7. I can’t stay up until 3am any more.
  8. I drink ‘kurang manis’ (less sugar) and ‘kosong’ (no sugar) drinks.
  9. Like to eat mushrooms and tofu now. Used to hate the taste.
  10. Cannot buy tech toys and gadgets by impulse. Have to spend within a budget.
  11. Less likely to lose my temper. I’m more calm and zen-like when encountering tense situations.
  12. I can play the bass much better now.
  13. My knees hurt after playing basketball or jogging.
  14. I’ve grown a habit of keeping things neat and labeling everything.
  15. Everything I learned until I was 18 was either outdated or propaganda.
  16. There are things I can never do any more (like trying out for the NBA). Some dreams have died.
  17. I have to take care of other people now, instead of being taken care of.
  18. I finally got some hair on my legs.
  19. My pants have increased 2 sizes (size 37 now for those of you thinking of buying me pants).
  20. I learned that speaking 1 wise sentence is more effective than giving 10 dumb speeches.
  21. I found the woman God created to be my wife. No more sleepless nights worrying about my life partner.
  22. I have great friends around me instead of friends all over the globe studying overseas.
  23. I can understand Mandarin.
  24. I know now that 90% of the stuff I was worried about growing up (e.g. career, marriage) was all for nothing.
  25. I can’t eat four Big Macs at one time any more.
  26. I get nostalgic sometimes.
  27. I’m careful who I choose to be my friends after being hurt several times.
  28. My birthday and other major celebrations like Christmas and New Year doesn’t mean much to me anymore. After 20 plus times, it gets repetitive and predictable.

Hope I didn’t bore you, my dear readers 🙂

Anyway, things continue to be really busy at work and at home, so I only have time to post once every two days or so.

Just wondering if any of you readers share the same birthday with me?

17 thoughts on “28 Differences: Me at 28 vs Me at 18”

  1. Hey happy birthday, Adino! So glad to know that you’ve been so blessed by the Lord. May you have many more to come 😉

    Adino: Thanks 🙂 Anyway it feels just like any normal day today…

  2. Hey Adino, blessings to you on your birthday. I’m sure your wife is glad you can’t eat four big macs in one sitting any more. haha!


    Adino: Hehe… thanks. But too late. My body looks like I eat Big Mac every day liao.


    Adino: Thanks! Missed you at this blog… you haven’t visited for a while 🙂

  4. Happy birthday and if this works.. then there’s nothing wrong with your WordPress 🙂

    Adino: Thanks, it works! And you have a very interesting domain name 🙂

  5. d’aww! *wipe tears* tai kor chai ade!

    happy birthday!!! and our Heavenly Father continues to pour out His love, blessings, and all things cool on you and your family! (and Sushi too! Polly sends regards)

    Adino: Thank you 🙂 hehe…

  6. 28 years old is still very young lah 🙂 Anyway happy birthday.

    Adino: Hehe… feels like very old already! Welcome to my blog! 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday!
    God bless! God bless!

    Adino: Thanks Mr Nie. See you tonite at the dinner. I hope we won’t drink Milo with raw eggs again hehe…

  8. hey hey,
    happy birthday adino!
    or was it belated already?
    haha, anyway, wishing you everything good for the coming years.
    nope, my bday is not anywhere near yours.. do u even know how old i am?
    God bless you and your family always.

    Adino: Hi! Thanks for dropping by! Thanks for your well wishes. You look very young, probably around Lionel’s age?

  9. aww, happy bday!! 😀 looks like you’re grown a lot since 18 haha… i guess growing starts to slow down once you hit 35 hehe… personally 😛

    well i’m just 20, still got some time, but i guess it’ll be soon that i will find change inside me. 🙂

    newayz, i’m drinking *kosongs* now already and i prefer mineral water to soft drinks, unlike last year XD

    Adino: Yeah, 18 was so long ago. Last night at dinner we were talking about the past… so many things have changed but those old memories still remain 🙂 Welcome to my blog!

  10. Happy birthday to u. wow size 37..i can’t imagine any one wearing that size. haha jus kidding.i fluctuate between 32 and 34 now.

    thanks for sharing all the above stuff. wonder how it will look like my post if i do it..is it a meme?

    Adino: Haha… you are so fit because you go to gym every day. For me… only work and eat and sleep. As for a meme… why not? Consider yourself tagged for your next birthday!

  11. Thanks for coming by my blog!! You wished me happy blogirthday so happy birthday to you… a day late… but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Adino: Thank you thank you 🙂

  12. Opps. Late.
    Happy birthday.

    p/s As usual, can’t help but misread one of the line.
    7. can’t stand up until 3am anymore.
    Need to ‘stand up’ for so long meh?!

    (run away)

    Adino: Hehehe… not so ‘geng’ la

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