2012 Review

I could sum up last year in one word… Challenge.

Challenge at Work

In the middle of 2012 my team doubled in size, which means I’m trying to track and remember what 12 other people are doing.

I had to know a bit of what everyone was doing, I could no longer depend on the ‘other team’ to share to work load.

Sometimes I feel like I’m lost and drowning. And if I’m ineffective then it means I have failed my boss’s expectations!

There were a lot of projects to deliver and I’m really amazed at my team. They managed to pull everything together to implement without major problems. They are wonderful people and I’m lucky to have them, and I’m thankful for my boss’s support and mentoring.

I feel more comfortable now. I’m hoping to build up a couple of people to help me so I can move on to other things.

Challenge in Finances

2012 was a mixed year in terms of finances.

It was better than 2011 in balancing a budget, but still nowhere near where I wanted to be. At this rate I’ll have to spend my retirement in some small hut in a remote jungle.

Expenses have stabilized. We didn’t make any major purchases except buying an iPad.

I’m just hoping for a nice increment so we’ll be able to start saving some money.

Challenge in Health

My body is not aging well and I seem to be getting some warning that I have not been looking after myself.

I feel a little depressed about this sometimes, but life must go on.

Recently we’ve started going jogging again, and it must be quite funny to see us. At first we went with a stroller and it was too bumpy for Caleb so he hangs over the side of the stroller.

Now we just take turns carrying him round the track. He must feel like a baby kangaroo.

Sometimes we take either Daryl or Rachel along and they can run quite a long distance!

Last New Year’s Resolutions

Last January I wrote how I wanted to focus on one goal for the year. I didn’t tell you my goal because I wasn’t sure if I could achieve it.

My focus for 2012 was “Learning”.

Here’s how I applied “Learning”:

  1. I attempted to learn Korean. Sorry I lost interest but I know about 50 words, some basic grammar, and know that there are common concepts with Mandarin.
  2. I started doing math exercises on Khan Academy. All my life I learned math in Bahasa, so it was quite interesting to re-do everything in English. I think I reached Form-4 level math before I became too busy (refer “Challenge at Work”)
  3. Learning Korean and doing math seemed to awaken a part of my brain that I haven’t used for years. I had better attention span and really looked forward to learn new things. This came in handy because I had to learn a ton of things at work.
  4. New programming stuff learned: jQuery, using pure CSS for website layout, Python
  5. I became certified as an ISO Internal auditor. Again it comes with learning. The ISO clauses, how my company conducts business, and how each department has a role to play.
  6. I had to learn new systems, processes and responsibilities at work.

I would say it’s been a pretty successful new year’s resolution.

Looking Back

I’ve made a lot of mistakes this year as a father and husband.

Some people want to ignore me or pretend I don’t exist. It’s a pity but no big deal. I’ve had worse kind of haters so I’m not losing any sleep over this.

I didn’t blog a lot this year.

I spent too many moments complaining about my kids, about how noisy they are, how they disturb me.

Then I look back at their old photos and see how fast they’ve grown. I see tragedies happen to other children and my heart is convicted.

There’s so many regrets.

There are happy moments too. Watching the kids do cute things and learning new things.

Finding the joy of playing with toys and eating snacks again.

Looking Forward

I haven’t really thought about my resolutions for 2013. Give me a few days to think about it and I’ll write down my thoughts.

Have a happy new year everyone!



1 thought on “2012 Review”

  1. Learning Korean? Wooo I’m doing just that. What make you pick up that language? Due to work?

    Have a fabulous 2013 ya!

    Adino: Aniyo, I think it was a random choice haha, plus I found some nice learning podcasts on iTunes store.

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