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So it’s that time of the year again. Time to announce publicly my goals for the year.

The occasion of a new year comes gives me a fresh feeling. It’s a chance to start anew. It’s an exciting time to plan and dream.

I wonder how much more I can achieve if I could plan and dream more often.

You can call them new year’s resolutions, but I prefer to call them my desires.

I believe we can change if we really desire something. Without this desire, nothing can motivate us for long.

Desire Number One: Minimize

My first desire is to reduce and minimize.

There’s so much stuff in my life, so much extra, so much bulk, so much waste. All this has to be cut down to the minimum.

I have to evaluate our consumer habits. Are we spending too much money, buying too many things, for things of minimal value?

I’m trying to be more conscious of our impact to the environment. Less use of resources, less consumption, less waste.

Desire Number Two: Order and Routine

I’ve been married almost four years, and all this time it has been one change after another.

We weren’t even settled down as a married couple before the first baby came. When we were still coming to grasps of facing our toddler’s terrible two stage, the second baby arrived. This year we’re expecting a third baby.

All of these changes make me very uncomfortable, stressed and never feeling at peace.

I need time to catch my breath. I need things to be properly organized.

I need some form of routine.

This will be a year of consolidation. A time to tie up loose ends, to pick up things we’ve neglected, to organize our home, to setup systems and work flows.

It’s time to mend things that are broken, time to clean and maintain equipment to make them last longer.


You may call me weird. You can call me stingy. You can say I’m a bad guy.

But I have to do this.

If we don’t minimize, our consumption will grow out of control. We will run out of resources especially when Baby 3.0 arrives. There will be so much stuff until we won’t fit in our condo any more.

If we don’t have systems and work flows, we won’t have the time or energy to take care of two babies and a toddler. We will always be reacting to situations instead of being pro-active.

I do have other fitness and financial goals, but those will have to take a lower priority so I won’t even mention here.

How about you? What are your resolutions for this year?

Photo By: Billy Alexander

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