Meet Sushi, my Shih Tzu

This is the cutest, most adorable puppy in the world. Meet my dog (and sometimes my master), Sushi. He’s a 2 year old lazy, super manja dog. He loves being the centre of attention, biscuits, tummy rubs, and waiting for my daddy to feed him food scraps.

He’s so friendly and playful, and he’s brought so much happiness and laughter to our family. We love him very much.

We Are Engaged!

I just proposed to my sweet darling last month. I took these photos right after… see how happy we both are! Those are three dozen pink and cream coloured roses. The giant teddy bear and diamond ring couldn’t fit into the photo hehe…

The wedding is planned for June 2007. Erm… but I don’t think we can invite everyone because we can’t afford too many tables.

Engagement1 Engagement2