Blind Faith? Planting a Seed

I took this photo this morning from the little “plant corner” at my condo balcony. Can you guess what it is?

Maybe you can guess if you view from another perspective.


1.5 months ago I decided to save some durian seeds. Don’t ask me why I decided to save these seeds out of the hundreds I consumed in my entire life.

If I recall correctly, the durian tasted quite okay. Sweet. Not any special variety like musang king or red prawn.

I just looked at the seed.

“Yes, you are the chosen one,” I said. “… but if you don’t mind I’ll choose a couple more as backup.”

I don’t normally speak to my food. That would be crazy *weak laugh* haha…

But I don’t know. Sometimes eating durian can be a spiritual experience. Maybe it was some hallucination effect.

Anyway I found a YouTube video which suggested the following method:

  1. Clean the seeds by rinsing in water
  2. Wrap the seeds in some kitchen towels, put in a ziploc bag
  3. Put in some water so the towels are damp (but not too wet)
  4. Seal the ziploc bag and put it somewhere warm and dark.
  5. If the bag is sealed properly, the seeds will remain moist.

So I put the bag under my fridge for 4 weeks.

After 2-3 weeks I could see the seed start to germinate. Something like a green tongue will poke out of the seed and slowly turn brown. I think (and hope) that’s the roots.

2 weeks ago I bought a large pot with some normal gardening soil. I tried to position the seed so the root would be in the ground and the seed itself was just half buried.

Now, you must imagine when I’m doing all this. Poey Chin is looking at me and thinking to herself, “what funny thing is this man trying to do now?”

She reminds me that we live in a condo, and durian trees grow up to 30 metres tall. She also reminds me it take 10 years to bear fruit.

Well, I plant the seed in faith. In my mind, my durian trees will have a home in the future. This is motivation for me to buy a house (and a really tall ladder!).

I hope the seeds don’t die.


Yesterday I learned a lesson from my team mate.

We were trying to come out with a solution to a problem we’ve been facing. Initially I was searching all over the web and downloading software to test. We also discussed about writing our own software to solve the problem.

In the end, he suggested that we go back to the basics. Instead of getting the most fancy tools, we could do the same thing with a basic calendar app.

My natural tendency when faced with any problem is to find the most advanced, high tech solution. I guess in my mind, whatever is newest must be good right? But I’m glad I learned that is not always the truth.

Sometimes the most simple solution might get the job done. I look forward to applying this concept in my daily job from now on.

Making Baby Fish

In the last few months, I’ve started taking care of some fish in a small aquarium.

I have this pink zebra fish that showing signs of laying eggs. So I decided to try letting the mummy fish lay eggs.

This is the second time I’m attempting this. The first time I had to improvise by using some of their toys to create a barrier to prevent the fish eating their eggs. I got over 100 fry from that batch, but somehow or other only 6 fish survived until today.

This time I’ve bought some marbles so the eggs can fall between the gaps. After I had my dinner, Caleb followed me around while I cleaned a small plastic baby fish aquarium.

When everything was ready, I let Caleb put the marbles in the plastic fish tank.

After he was done, it was time to move the fish mummy and fish daddy from the aquarium to the small plastic tank.

The two of them exploring the tank. They move too fast for me to capture a sharp image. The big black thing in the center is a small rock I’ve placed there to hold down the marbles and a small plant.

As I’m writing this blog post, I’m peeping at them. Last time, they swam round and round each other. Tonight not so much. I hope they’re in the mood, and daddy fish can perform.

My only worry is one of them burying themselves in the marbles and getting stuck.

They normally spawn at dawn so I’m hoping they have a comfortable night. Hopefully I’ll have something to report tomorrow!

Update: Silly fish. I’ve had to go rescue one of them from the marbles. I added another rock inside to weigh the marbles down and also added more water so they won’t swim so near the bottom.

Update 2: No eggs this time, will try again in a few days!