You Tunggu – What I Saw in ER

If anyone ever tells me “You Tunggu” or “You Wait” I’m going to scream at the top of my lungs at them. I really would. I have had enough of waiting to last me a year. That pretty much sums up the entire experience with the Klang GH.

My dad is now feeling better. This morning when I visited him, he looked more normal and he is able to speak in his normal voice. The hospital has this chart where it shows how responsive he is, and he’s got maximum marks consistently *proud*

He should be discharged tomorrow.

I’m not going to write anything about the treatment that they gave my dad, or complain about the waiting. I know that the problem is not the hospital itself but the entire system.

Having said that I know that the staff at both government and private hospitals are trying their best, but they have different rules and interests at heart. In the end, sometimes patients could end up being a lower priority.

I also know that people like to sue bloggers for defamation and such so I will refrain from writing any bad comments.

Anyway, just to share with you all some of the scary stuff I saw at the ER. I can imagine that this would be normal stuff if you’re doctor, but I can’t even stand to watch the Ghost Whisperer ok? That’s how scared I am.

  1. My father with all his cuts (lacerations) and abrasions. Not knowing what will happen, if he has bleeding in his brain, internal injuries or if he is going to get worse.
  2. A construction worker walked in with his hand in a plastic bag of ice. It was full of blood. I think he had a finger cut off or something.
  3. A motor cycle accident. Nothing but a broken leg but he was shouting in pain.
  4. A psychiatric ward patient placed there by the guards (to scare him?). He ran away three times and the guards had to chase him. He asked anyone looking at him if they wanted to be beaten. I would have gladly beaten him up if he challenged me. Nah I won’t.
  5. A woman came in with hot water scalded over her body. Later her husband came in… looking sheepish and said it was a “family problem”
  6. Various people (a little girl, and an old man) with breathing difficulties
  7. A man who was coughing really loud like his throat was blocked.
  8. A man involved in an accident. Unconcious and had a neck brace and everything. None of his relatives were there. Did they even know?

At the private hospital ER:

  1. Rich uncle complain of swollen foot
  2. Teenage girl suicide attempt
  3. Rich looking fat man complain of chest pains
  4. Theme park accident

So we can conclude from this that Adino is quite pat kua.

I feel trauma myself looking at all this cases. Not to mention my dad’s injuries. Feel a bit unwell. I wonder if can get MC ah?

10 thoughts on “You Tunggu – What I Saw in ER”

  1. Glad to hear that your dad is ok now.

    Actually I am very scared to go to hospital. I will pengsan if I see blood.. hahaha..

    What I want to say is Treasure of LIFE.

    Adino: I’m very scared too, but when comes to emergency, all I could think about is my dad. Blood also don’t care. Anyway I’m going to be seeing lots of blood again soon, when my wife gives birth 🙂

  2. Was shocked to know that your dad met an accident. Glad that he’s recovering quickly. Send my regards, thanks.

    Adino: Thanks for visiting, and thanks for your concern. He’s recovering nicely by God’s grace.

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