Why So Fast One?

I guess most of you would have heard the good news.

And I’m sure the first question you’re going to ask is… “why so fast?”. We sure got that a lot from our friends and people we tell. Poey Chin is so happy she’s telling total strangers like shopping mall sales assistants and the Chinese Medicine Hall.

Some people even try to count back to see if we’ve been naughty before we got married or not. Poey Chin is nine weeks pregnant, and we’ve been married for fifteen weeks. You do the math hehe…

Anyway, I really don’t know how to answer why Poey Chin got pregnant so quickly. Most of the time they say we were too hard working, giving a knowing wink.

Honestly, this pregnancy was unplanned but I believe it’s God’s plan.

Some then go on to say, “Well, it’s also good to start a family young”. Like it’s a bad thing.

And that’s not the worst part. The worst part is the tons of advice, petua (advice from elders) and pantang-larang (forbidden practices) that we’ve been getting.

Don’t eat this. Don’t go to these places. Don’t look at these things. Don’t drink this.

If we were to follow every single word, Poey Chin would have to stay home in bed and not go anywhere. In the end, we’ve decided to listen to Doctor.

I found that I’ve become more naggy towards my wife. I’m starting to remind her to take her vitamins. Drink your Anmum milk. That day she softly screamed at me “I don’t like to drink milk! It’s making me nauseous”.

I have banned her from doing any housework, which means I’m so exhausted cleaning everything. I can’t work late any more, which means I’m busier at work. Which means less time reading blogs.

I’m been clearing out a lot of unwanted stuff in our house. I don’t know why but I’m just preparing a lot of empty space in our condo. Now I realize that I must have developed some sort of nesting instinct.

Sorry this post seems to go nowhere. My mind is going in many different directions these days. Sometimes I don’t even know what to blog about anymore.

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