Where Can We Go In Perak?

I will finally get to go for a holiday next week!

I begged and pleaded and persuaded my team leads to release me for a couple of days.

We will be visiting Poey Chin’s parents in Ipoh but I was thinking that we could go for a day trip (or a night stay) somewhere near by. It would be a nice change, because normally when we go back we just stay at home, or make the normal visit to Jusco to enjoy the air cond.

I wonder if any of you have any great suggestions for places to visit while I’m on holiday? It should be within an hour’s drive of Ipoh and should meet the following criteria (in descending order of importance):

  1. Baby friendly. I think this eliminates places like the caves and theme parks.
  2. Not too crowded. I guess this eliminates Cameron Highlands and theme parks.
  3. Not too expensive. I guess this eliminates theme parks.
  4. Not too far away. I think Penang is the furthest I will dare to travel.

I seem to have a big aversion to theme parks haha. Actually I’m shy to admit I never like going to theme parks because I’m too scared to go on the rides. You will never catch me on a roller coaster.

Seriously though, I wonder if any of you dear readers (especially those familiar with Perak or Penang) can suggest nice places for us to visit.

I also wonder if it is a good idea to bring baby Rachel to a beach.

What I had in mind was cultural places, sightseeing destinations and even good places to eat.

How we wished we managed to travel to Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong or even London…

Photo: Sebastian Danon

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