What’s Happening to Malaysia?

God, please help this country.

I feel like I’m trapped on a plane that has lost all control. Most terrifying of all, this plane seems to be plunging toward the ground.

And yet people are fighting among themselves for the controls.

The captain is still trying to fly the plane and only letting the co-pilot take over when the plane is 2 minutes from crashing.

There is a passenger on board who used to be a fighter pilot, but the crew is trying to throw him out of the plane, and throwing all sorts of allegations against him.

Should I blame myself? After all, if I want a better country I should first start to make sure I better myself first right?

We are scheduled to celebrate Merdeka Day (Independence Day) in two days, but I don’t see anyone celebrating.

Last year, we did not have any mood to celebrate at all. This year it’s even worse. Normally by this time you would see cars and bikes flying the national flag.

I won’t be in any mood to celebrate anything this August 31st.

Does this mean I love Malaysia any less? No. This just means that I’m too unhappy and dissatisfied to be in any mood for celebration.

The government has started censoring the Internet and threatened (again) to go after bloggers who publish damaging stories and comments about them.

Please be careful with comments.

Photo: Susan Chaaban

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