We’ve Lost That Dating Feeling

Yesterday I took the day off so we could go for a date as a couple. My mom came over to babysit baby Rachel and we headed off to One Utama for our exciting outing.

As we were stepping out the door, baby Rachel waved bye bye to us, and we left with peaceful hearts because she did not cry or make a fuss.

Getting into a car was a luxurious experience indeed. No need to carry a baby, a baby stroller, and no need to strap baby into the baby seat. Best of all, Poey Chin finally got a chance to sit beside me in the front passenger seat.

We went for a leisurely breakfast and it felt nice being able to eat a quiet meal together.

We drove into One Utama at the stroke of 10am, just in time for the shutters to open and to watch all the shop keepers sweep their floors.

We walked around enjoying not having to carry 8 kgs of baby around with us, but before long we started to miss having baby with us.

We stopped at Jusco and found the baby fair. We got quite a few items for baby Rachel. We got her a bottle warmer pouch and a zebra float toy (I can’t wait to take her swimming this weekend!).

We bought tickets for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Funny, I don’t remember having to wear specs the last time I was in a cinema.

At the start of the movie my heart yearned for baby Rachel because Benjamin’s cries sounded like Rachel’s cry. At the end of the movie we see Benjamin Button dying as a baby. The scene of a baby dying nearly brought tears to my eyes.

What was happening to me?

After the movie we had lunch at the House of Waffles (since 1999) and decided that we couldn’t be away from baby Rachel. I don’t think we can travel overseas and leave her behind like we had talked about.

It just didn’t feel the same going on a date. We’ve lost that dating feeling.

8 thoughts on “We’ve Lost That Dating Feeling”

  1. haha i am the same with you. I so wanted to go out just alone with my husband and I ended up missing my kids and also buying things for them.

    Adino: Maybe we should not go to shopping malls haha

  2. oh by the way, both the cheesecake and siu yoke is easy to make. I seldom cook things which is hard to make. Very lazy la….

    Adino: Good to know… I’ve been searching for a siu yoke recipe to try on my own, or rather for Poey Chin to try.

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