Wedding Morning Part 2

I went up to Poey Chin and gave her the bouquet of flowers. She then proceeded to pin a corsage on my jacket. My heng tais started to cry haha… because they were losing a heng tai.

We then proceeded to the living room where we had the tea ceremony. I had to call all her relatives in her Hokkien dialect.

After the tea ceremony, we walked out the door, and after three meters we turned back and returned to the house. Traditionally the bride had to return to her parents home three days after the wedding. The modern version is to just walk out and walk in again to symbolize the three days.

We took a lot more photos and then we made our way back to Kota Kemuning. When we arrived, my whole family was waiting for me. It felt weird because they were lined up on each side of my car porch looking at us and saying nothing. I just waved hello and smiled a lot.

We went into my parents house where we had the tea ceremony. Uncle John Foo started to play a few chords on the piano, setting an excellent sentimental atmosphere. Mummy nearly cried when I gave her the cup of tea. At that moment in time, all the love she has shown me flashed before my eyes. I nearly choked up when I said, ?EURoeMummy, yum cha?EUR?. All of my family was very wonderful giving us a lot of best wishes and advice.

At the end of the ceremony, Aunty Jenny placed Sushi in my arms. I was so happy that he was included in the ceremony, because he is like a brother to me.

We then proceeded to have lunch, as we rested for a while. After lunch we got in the car again and then drove over to Sheraton Subang.

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3 thoughts on “Wedding Morning Part 2”

  1. So glad to share in yr wedding tale but oop picture links dont seem to be working

    Adino: Sorry sorry… pictures are not up yet 🙂 I haven’t managed to sort out the thousands of photos I got.

  2. I’ve Finally came out of the lurker closet!

    Thinking about that day seems so long time ago but it was wonderful.

    Ha…ha…ha… a very delayed comment!

    Adino: Yay! Heng Tai 3 is here! Everyone, Heng Tai 3 is the one who drank all the coffee 🙂

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