Tidying Up My Twitter Account

I’ve tried something strange with my Twitter account. For the past year or so, I’ve been following people like crazy and then auto-following back in a quest to gain more followers.

A few days ago I realized this is madness. Those thousands of ‘followers’ I’ve gained have not bothered to reply even one of my tweets.

I can hardly read anything useful on my Twitter timeline. It’s like 99.9% of them are spam, and I had to resort to using lists.

I realize now that I need to stop. So from now onwards I am starting to purge my Twitter account.

I am unfollowing those who:

  • Have inactive accounts
  • Have accounts without profile pics (indicator of spammer account)
  • Tweet in foreign languages (what’s the point if I can’t understand?)
  • Tweet exclusively in inspirational quotes / links to products / promotions
  • Tweet non-family friendly content such as expletives or adult content

I don’t want to get blacklisted or something so I’m spreading out my unfollow activity over a few days.

I realize I may accidentally unfollow some dear readers of this blog because I’m using a 3rd party tool to ‘mass unfollow’.

Please let me know (either in comments below or tweeting @adinochang) and I’ll re-follow you.

Why Am I Doing This?

I feel I haven’t been getting the full ‘Twitter’ experience.

My objective is to pare down my Twitter feed to the essentials, and hopefully I can interact and discuss more with everyone.

I’m trying to be more ‘chatty’ which is something against my nature.

I suppose my twitter followers count will plummet, but I don’t really bother any more. That obsession is a thing of the past.

Wait There’s More

I have started a second Twitter account to talk about work-related stuff. The account is @AdinoDev and you can follow that if you’re interested in discussing about software development and management stuff.

Otherwise I do hope we connect at my @adinochang account.




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