This Is A Good Thing… Right?

I didn’t tell anybody about this, but I haven’t posted an entry since… (let me check)… almost two months ago.

And you know what’s weird? My website traffic has remained more or less constant since then. In fact, it would seem that traffic has improved since I’ve stopped writing!

Now, I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

It’s good in the sense that:

  1. My blog is able to sustain itself with organic traffic (don’t ask me what that means)
  2. I’ve successfully created a source of passive income (full emphasis on the word passive)
  3. I may have some loyal readers who faithfully visit my blog every day (hello Poey Chin!)
  4. I have another excuse to create a numbered list

It’s bad and sadly depressing in the sense that:

  1. Whether I write or not has no impact at all
  2. It would seem that very few people are reading my newer posts. Judging by the number of comments, this would be a small percentage of you.
  3. No one seems to care (that’s the cold hard truth)

So I leave you with this question… do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing?

And now I am dragged back to my busy life…

(Fade out, like a dead Jedi)

(Do me a favour and slowly close your eyes for dramatic effect. Imagine some movie credits appearing with an orchestra theme and then some funny out-takes happening.)

12 thoughts on “This Is A Good Thing… Right?”

  1. Hi darling, wat a surprise! said ‘dar dar’ to u!

    Adino: Hello to my two darlings!

  2. I’m still reading but on Google Reader. I drop by when I see a post that could benefit from my amazing wisdom in the comment section.

    Adino: Appreciate it very much hehe

  3. Whatever it is, life still goes on 🙂
    And nowadays i spend more time on FB than blogs 😀

    Adino: I have abandoned Facebook too. My poor pets…

  4. No wonder u didnt reply my comment on facebook super wall or something. I have been wondering abt yr passiveness. I know you have been busy but didnt want to kaypo. To b honest I have still been coming back occasionally to check for new updates but less often now as recurrent no updates mean less motivation to check out after some time. Sorry 🙂 Sorry huh Adino.

    Adino: It’s ok!

  5. hahah…
    me too….waiting for ur updates…

    i also start writing again..since so free horr

    Adino: Sometimes feel like nothing to write about, sometimes got things to write but too busy. So busy because working until 2am!

  6. This is my 2nd comment here and It is not spam(You called my first comment a spam but gave me benefit). I think we loose organic traffic and ranking too soon without fresh content so I think all your traffic is loyal and users are visiting your blog again and again.

    Adino: I hope so too, organic traffic is good right?

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