The Worst Room in Genting Highlands

During our honeymoon last month, we decided to stop by Genting Highlands on our way home to KL. We thought that there would be plenty of room because it was a weekday, and the school holidays were over. We didn’t have any reservations and turned up at the Genting Hotel only to be greeted by a long queue full of Singaporeans. It was the Singapore school holidays.

After waiting for almost twenty minutes, I was told that the Genting Highlands hotel had no room, but there was room at the Theme Park hotel. We carried our luggage all the way across to the Theme Park hotel (I think there were six or seven flights of escalators). I started to feel like Joseph trying to find a room for my Mary. We managed to get a room after yet another wait and checked in.

To get to the room, we had to walk through this long corridor

At the end of this creepy looking corridor, we walked to the end of this corridor

…Where we came to a bridge we had to walk across…

At the end, we were greeted with… you guessed it… yet another long corridor

Our room was the last room at the very end (can you see the cleaners in blue at the end?). We took a look at the toilet which was filthy, smelled the cigarette smoke in the furniture, and checked out immediately.

We ended up in another hotel. Hint:

The lesson we learned is never to stay at the Genting hotels unless you have a reservation. Anyway, not getting a room at Genting turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because the other place we stayed at was heavenly, with service one thousand times better than the staff at Genting. I’ll tell you about it in another post.

5 thoughts on “The Worst Room in Genting Highlands”

  1. “like Joseph trying to find a room for my Mary”

    Joseph looking for a room for Mary? Wuah..congratulations! I have a cow shed for rent. You an see the stars and the three wise man me, Mrs bb and benghui will come n bless you two hahhahahahaha.

    jus kidding pulling yr leg hhahahahaha

    Adino: Haha… it was quite difficult carrying out luggage walking all around, and then have to walk so far.

  2. next time travel light, when traveling i use disposable underwear available at Watson hahahha

    Adino: LOL thanks for the suggestion, but it wasn’t our underwear that was heavy… it was all the food, cameras, pillows, etc we were carrying

  3. Oh yes, the cameras would be essential for blogging materials. Wuahahahahaha!

    Adino: Good thing I brought the camera… otherwise can’t get the photos of the long corridors. But I regret that I didn’t take any photos of the room. We got out of there as soon as possible.

  4. I also had a bad experience when I was not able to get a room in the desired hotel and was left wandering here and there in search of a room. Since then, I always plan my trip beforehand and make sure that all reservations are done and up to date. You were lucky to get a room !

    Adino: I have learned from this experience. From now on, we will call to make reservations first!

  5. Its unfortunate that you had such bad experience with Genting hotels. I’ve stayed in both Genting and First World hotels in Genting Highlands. I must say that the rooms / service are up to par.

    Adino: Perhaps I was there at the wrong time, and going there without reservations was definitely a mistake on my part!

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