The One About the Toothbrush

This morning I was brushing my teeth (not a remarkable event in itself but read on…)

As I was standing there, a thought struck me with the speed of a puppy’s tail wagging to welcome you home, or a traffic police officer having amnesia after being offered kopi o (black coffee).

Now, when I brush my teeth I always stand in front of the mirror, right hand brushing away and left hand on my waist (like a little teapot short and stout). I stand with my back fairly straight and legs slightly apart.

Now, take a moment to think back to this morning when you were brushing your teeth (especially for those of you who have the same tooth brushing posture as me).

What were you thinking about?

I realised that each morning since I can remember, I have been thinking about the Oral-B man! (That last sentence would be weird if taken out of context).

As I brush my teeth, I remember how the ad shows a dentist who can’t show his face (apparently because dentists aren’t allowed to appear on TV). We see his muscular body and he’s brushing with his right hand with his tea-pot left arm on his waist. He’s using an Oral-B toothbrush and telling us how Oral-B is the brand dentists prefer.

Every morning, this ad runs through my mind. Usually I just dismiss the image and move on to other things… but I can’t believe how this keeps automatically coming to my head.

I’ve been… gasp... thinking of a muscular man each morning! What is my head trying to tell me!?

Is it just me, or do you think about this too? (I’m referring to the Oral-B thing, not the half naked man)

11 thoughts on “The One About the Toothbrush”

  1. Hmm… let me think, all I think about is: what clothes to wearto work? what should I prepare for Esther to bring to her baby-sitter’s house? What to cook during lunch? Arghh… sounds like ‘obasan’ already.

    Adino: Waa… early in the morning you have so many things to think about. Maybe that’s how it is like once you’re a parent 🙂

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