The iMac Is Here

I just came home from One Utama, where I just got my iMac.

A detailed blog post will be up some time next week, but here are some teaser photos for you while I spend time familiarizing myself with OS X.

This blog post was written with my new iMac!

P/S: How come WordPress doesn’t recognize Mac’s Return key as an automatic paragraph? WordPress problem or Safari problem?

Update: Safari 3 problem… I’ve downloaded Firefox 3 already. Cannot stand it…

5 thoughts on “The iMac Is Here”

  1. Errrr… why are the pooches on the new iMac box in the first pic?

    Can’t wait for more pictures of the Mac!

    Adino: That’s Uncle Adino and Baby Patrick. They were so excited that they climbed all over the box.

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